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6 Grey Flooring Design Ideas for a Calm Study Room Décor

6 Grey Flooring Design Ideas for a Calm Study Room Décor

Published on 26 July 2021, 07:58:18 PM

Grey, are you serious? Grey! Is it the right colour to use in your house? More importantly for a study room design, let me think. This would have been a thought a few years back. But now, the grey trend is up-and-coming. It is everywhere. 

Grey is a trend that everyone is now actively using in their homes. It’s not just for flooring but for different elements of the house in general. It may be doors, cabinets, tiles – you name it. And every shade of grey is still hot and trendy in the home. But let’s discuss how grey can spruce up your study room decor and bring in a calming effect for your productivity wheels to churn in: 


  • All neutrals but one: 

For a calm study room decor, cover the room with grey floor tiles but here’s the twist. Design the floor with one bright colour. You can go in blue or yellow. Let’s go with yellow. Colour blocking shades of grey with an active colour that enable the place to look fresh and welcome you with a calming vibe every time you walk in..

  • Use tiles with a greyish white tint: 

Surely, your study room decor or floor plan has a window – well then, you’re going to see a sea of change in the room. A grey floor tile with a whitish tinge can make all the difference. The Click N Lock Tiles’ Cambrey Grey design will help you achieve this Zen look in your study room decor. With the right amount of light pouring into the room, the grey floor tiles with the whitish tinge will get reflected. This will enable a balmy effect in the room. 

  • The old grey stone finish can do it: 

Remember the olden days when the mosaic was the ‘in’ thing? What if we can tell you there’s something similar but in your favourite colour – grey. Life is peachy, isn’t it? Click N Lock Tiles’ Memphis Grey is an ode to the mosaic design with a stone finish. These grey floor tiles will be an addition to the study room decor. Stone finish designs have the propensity to keep the room cool and calm. And with the mosaic designs, there’s always a chance of creating a harmonious look with a specific type of design. 

  • Natural look, perhaps: 

Inspired by nature, the Carpet Tiles’ Acton series is a great fit for a study room decor. It adds a level of tranquillity with a mesmerizing carpet finish. The best part is its subtle lime shade. They add a chic factor to the grey floor tiles. Isn’t it great? 

  • Lighter tones of tiles: 

Here’s how you can make the grey colour palette work: Add lighter colour schemes to the study room. Lighter and serene shades not only help spaces feel open and breezy but also make the space soothing. Consider mixing solid metal grey tiles with lighter hues like beige or sky blue colour tiles to strike a refreshing aura within the study room decor.

  • Juxtaposed: 

Imagine the study room decor with dark grey charcoal tiles and team it up with a focusing cool colour. It can be paired with an undemanding white or cream. Use the cool colours in a decent proportion of it to overwhelm the tranquillity of the space. For a subtle approach, use pastel shades of blue and green with the charcoal grey tiles. It will give the décor an uplifted look.

Grey floor tiles may seem like a peculiar idea for a study room decor unless you get around to experimenting with these awesome combinations to uncover the real beauty in grey. Particularly at a time like this when most of us are working/studying virtually, study room décor is something we’ve got to take a closer look at! At Welspun Flooring, we offer a diverse range of flooring options with multiple designs to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Explore their collections here and spruce up your study room with some exciting and vibrant floorings.

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