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A marvellous makeover for your bathroom tiles with Mosaic flooring

A marvellous makeover for your bathroom tiles with Mosaic flooring

Published on 15 November 2021, 07:26:57 AM

Aesthetically conscious people have always had a difficult time finding the right bathroom tiles for their sophisticated indoor décor. Nowadays, this desire to transform the lavatory with the finest bathroom tiles is on the wishlist of many people, as it is the place where one spends a private and relaxing time. If you too are tired of seeing the same frayed designs and want a change, the mosaic bathroom tiles are just the right choice for you!


Why Mosaic? 

Mosaics are patterns created with small tiles and other materials like marble and stone. They are designed in a particular manner to create mosaic frames. These tiles give an excellent makeover to places like the bathroom for their unique designs. Now, did you know mosaic tile flooring existed in the ancient Greek and Roman era? Its popularity has not receded an inch even with ages. This glorious tile flooring known as a mosaic can be used as bathroom tiles for ultimate performance and elegant makeover.

Here is a list of ideas you can opt for while giving a perfect makeover to your bathroom with mosaic flooring.


  • Add some shades

 If you are on a tight budget, you can try painting the basin or the bathtub in a colour that complements your mosaic bathroom tiles designs. Not only will you get to play with the colours but you can add fun elements to your project like stickers and glitters. For an extra dose of visual appeal, try painting a pattern on the tiles and the bathroom walls. Not only will it exude freshness, but will also sanitize the privy on this occasion. On a side note, it’s always a good idea to blend shades that will accentuate your timeworn bathroom tiles.


  • Switch your flooring 

Changing the old-styled bathroom tiles to an aesthetically pleasing flooring option like that with the mosaic designs can be quite a treat to the eyes besides being highly functional. It is also an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens as they are anti-slippery. Nowadays, there is an array of flooring tiles available for bathrooms that have solid grip even in dampness and high resistance to damages. 


  • Play around with the accessories

Sometimes, it’s not your dull bathroom tiles, but it’s the rusted hangers, the worn-off wardrobes, and stained bowls that are a major cause of all your mood swings. Fixing it with the latest and appealing ones can be a great idea. Refurbishing the wardrobe, bathtub, and everything else with the latest designs is sure to steal the show of your entire bathroom space. It will also help you add functionality by providing space for all your lotions, shampoos, and body washes. Adding compact cabinets, quirky mirrors, fancy lights, and scented candles can also elevate your bathroom.


  • Beautiful bathroom wallpaper

To complement your wonderful mosaic bathroom tiles, you can also add pretty and elegant wallpapers that are perfectly suited for your preference. However, during selection, you have to check a couple of features like whether it has humidity resistance or waterproof ability or not. You also need to be extra cautious about the colour palette that will complement the already existing walls and the bathroom tiles.


  • Fit bathroom wall panels 

You can choose this modern innovation for your bathroom makeover that can be fixed over your worn-out bathroom tiles. Being waterproof, these panels can be used in your shower enclosure or even above the bath. It will be visually attractive due to its designs besides being hygienic. The best part is that you can get it at an affordable price.

As you have got a few ideas for your bathroom makeover, let’s bring our complete focus to the base - your bathroom tiles. Consider ticking this checklist while choosing the best mosaic bathroom tiles:


  • Anti-slippery properties 

Mosaic Bathroom tiles must have anti-slippery properties that will protect you and your loved ones from tripping over the floor. 

Make sure that your bathroom tiles are durable, functional as well as aesthetically appealing as you won’t be looking to change their appearance time and again, right? So you should also choose the best options for giving that ultimate makeover to your lavatory that would last a lifetime.

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