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Anti-skid Floor Tiles for Indian Bathrooms and Kitchens

Anti-skid Floor Tiles for Indian Bathrooms and Kitchens

Published on 24 December 2021, 06:16:07 AM

When you think of flooring options for your home, you account for its appearance and style to give your place an aesthetically pleasing appeal. But when you consider flooring for your bathroom and kitchen, the rules change. While the look is as important, the performance and practicality take priority. What you need are the following types of Anti-Skid Tiles for Bathrooms and kitchens that can keep your family safe from any injuries due to a wet floor.

We have rounded up our top anti-skid floor tiles suggestions for Indian bathrooms and kitchens to help you choose from. The Benefits of Installing Anti-Skid Tiles in Bathrooms and Kitchens are plenty, so let’s look into some of them.


Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular non slip bathroom floor tiles as they are affordable, durable, and scratch-resistant. They are available in a variety of textures and finishes and involve easy maintenance with a wet cloth.


This non slip bathroom floor tile is harder than granite and resistant to stains, making it easy to clean. It can add grandeur to your kitchen and a perfect anti-skid Floor Tiles for Bathrooms with its allure and long-lasting properties.

Natural Stone

When it comes to this anti-skid Floor Tiles for Bathrooms floor tile, you can expect an element of warmth with attractive patterns and a dash of richness. The irregular surface of natural stones also increases the grip on the wet floor.


The naturally rough surface of cement tiles makes them an ideal non-slip bathroom floor tile to prevent accidents from wet surfaces. Remember to seal them periodically and you are good to go.


A luminous surface makes glass tiles an excellent nonslip bathroom floor tile to match your requirement and style. The textured glass comes with anti-skid, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant properties preventing the growth of mildew or mold.


If you wish to go the mix-and-match way, mosaic non-slip bathroom floor tiles can be a perfect fit for you. Small in size, they can be made using natural stones, ceramic, and glass.


Earlier, concrete was not the conventional choice for non-slip bathroom floor tiles. But, its stained finish and high-gloss varieties with moisture-resistant properties are becoming the new trend that’s here to stay.


Vinyl non-slip bathroom floor tiles are easy to install and are great anti-skid Floor Tiles for Kitchens too. Their surface is not as hard or cold as tile flooring, making them more hospitable to bare feet. Since vinyl floorings are so popular you can choose from countless style options in the color and shade of your liking.


If budget is no constraint for you, linoleum non-slip bathroom floor tiles can be a perfect choice. It naturally repels dirt and dust and inhibits the growth of microorganisms, all of this while retaining its color. Made from ground limestone, wood flour, linseed oil, cork powder, and pigments, this floor tile can accentuate the overall look of your home.

There are various types of Anti-Skid Tiles for Bathrooms and Kitchens. You can go ahead and pick something that fits your requirements and style while protecting your family from any accidents. You might also want to look into procedures for the maintenance and cleaning of anti-skid tiles.

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