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Add character to your home with minimal living room floor tiles

Add character to your home with minimal living room floor tiles

Published on 24 December 2021, 02:08:31 PM

If your home were a person, the living room would be the face of it. The fact that the outside world would recognize you as your home. And thus, clearly, the living room says a lot about your home. It has its own language and speaks for itself. You can give your home the appearance you want to a great extent just with the living room of your choice!

Giving your home a set look is not as easy as it sounds. But don't worry, it's not difficult either. Some things make a difference - some hidden, some unhidden, some apparent, some non-apparent. This chaos takes all your focus away from the key thing - adding character to the face of your home - your living room. However, as experts believe, the best way to go about it is to start with the base - the living room floor tiles. Here’s why!

Minimal Living Room Floor Tiles Rule the Book:

Today, when it comes to enriching character to your home, minimal living room floor tiles rule the book.

It sets the ambience and the tone of your hall. And because this place is the centre of your home, you would want it to be absolutely perfect, clean, elegant, and of course, trendy! Minimal living room floor tiles which eliminate all the clutter and add aesthetics to your space tick all the boxes here. 
Go for the “Elegant and Clean”

To begin with, large format living room floor tiles work like magic! Large-format tiles are the ones that do not have much tiling grout in them, or in simpler words, have lesser divisions. These tiles add a bright and minimal character to your living room with their unique uniform and cleaner look.

Uniformity Looks Beautiful 

The living room floor tiles that follow the same pattern from head to toe, without much enhancement in them, are best described as minimal today—something which makes their presence felt to your senses but never gets overboard. Non-minimal living room floor tiles would be the ones that make the whole space about themselves and tone down all other elements there.

For example, fluorescent-coloured carpet flooring will not suit the minimal scheme. But a charming ceramic tile that reflects the look of wood and has all the qualities of durable flooring would be perfect. For that matter, any living room floor tiles with clean lines, basic adornment, and a smooth colour scheme that harmonizes gracefully with the space is the dream here! 

Can Dodge the Cold Look

Another smart way for utilizing the living room floor tiles to their maximum potential is by dodging the cold look. Homeowners who love the minimal style keep their preference on warmer shades. Lately, beige finishes have pierced into the trend for their gracious and soothing vibe, and they are here to stay!

The perfect example of the living room floor tiles, in this case, would be the beautiful and sturdy, Click-N-Lock Tiles! Available in a multitude of shades and patterns, these tiles are a desire of every minimalist! From Iced Oak, Whistler Oak, Ambrosia Vanilla, to Cambrey Grey and Ambrosia Cream, these living room floor tiles are just the perfect tiles hands down! 

Welspun Flooring's Click-N-Lock Tiles are more technologically advanced than traditional tiles. They are made of Stone & Polymer Composite, which are highly durable while being lightweight. Click-N-Lock Tiles are also scratch and stain resistant while being hassle-free and unique in nature. 

These interlocking tiles are designed with the innovative Wel-Lock™ technology that enables easy installation in less than a day on the existing floor. And the fact that it is grout-free prevents germs from accumulating between the tiles making the maintenance completely hassle-free. This futuristic flooring solution is what your living room floor tiles need!

With so many equally attractive and practical living room floor tiles options in your hand, it's now on you to decide what you want your space to look like. Do you want to make it feel cosy? Peaceful? To be inviting? Feel friendly or relaxing? Choose for yourself, and head on to the Welspun Flooring website to be floored!

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