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Benefits of installing interlocking tiles in your home

Benefits of installing interlocking tiles in your home

Published on 15 November 2021, 10:28:17 AM

A dream housing project needs a lot of research, especially the designing parts where it requires the best quality trendy options. Most of the time, with eye-pleasing flooring options, you might end up compromising on the quality. 

Now, Interlocking tiles, which are the current trend in architectural projects and contemporary housing solutions, have bridged the gap between eye-candy appeal and utility. Not only has it been technologically equipped with modern flooring prerequisites, but it has also offered a wide range of elegant designs that is enough to bring your dream project alive. 

So, do you want to explore the range of benefits you will be bestowed with if you choose interlocking tiles for your dream home? Read on! 

No-hassle Installation – 

Often, people lose their interest in renovating their homes due to the hassle involved in the entire process. This problem can be countered with the help of interlocking tiles that are easy to install and require no fuss. So, if you decide to renovate your home this festive season, you may opt for these tiles for an elegant flooring statement. Welspun’s Click N Lock Interlocking tiles are easy to install thereby making your dream house come to reality without the additional stress. Moreover, you don’t have to wait hours for its installation because a day will be enough for the entire flooring setup process!

All Round Protection – 

The interlocking floor tiles provide protection for you with their durability and resistance. Their qualities also include resistance to stain, water, flames, and scratches. The resistance to potential damage to the flooring surface made it easy to use it in damp spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, it also enables the users to spend their quality time without worrying about damages to the sophisticated-looking floors. 

High Activity Bearing Capacity – 

The interlocking tiles are technologically designed that gift them the ability to withstand activities like dancing, and other physical performances which require heavy foot traffic. The special backing is applied under the tiles that make strenuous activities possible on the floor without much difficulty to the feet. This feature is supported by its cushion backing technological feature that also helps in acoustic absorption and underfoot comfort. Therefore, feet tapping noise is also cancelled through this unique feature of interlocking tiles       

 Low Maintenance –    

The interlocking tiles are extremely low maintenance unlike other flooring options like marble and granite. Even though it exudes the beauty of wooden finish tiles, it does not require the extreme maintenance of wooden floors using modern machines or tools. So, it won’t be a great deal if you spill a glass of wine or your little one splashes a dash of paint on your flooring; all you require is a wet cloth or mop, and the floor will be good to go. This method of cleaning will also aid in the durability of interlocking tiles. 

Sustainable Flooring – 

One of the special features of Click-N-Lock tiles or the interlocking floor tiles from Welspun is that they are sustainable flooring solutions. Due to this feature, they are trusted by many architects and experts for safe flooring. You must now be wondering how. Welspun is one step ahead of its contemporary interlocking tiles companies in the game in sustainability because we care for the earth. 

With all these mentioned advantages, the additional advantages are the wide variety of designs and sophisticated-looking Click-N-Lock tiles that can steal the attention of your guests. Welspun has an assortment of wooden and stone-finished interlocking tiles that would cater to your taste and your dream theme. When other natural materials like wood or marble may come with high maintenance either due to its maintenance or temperature fluctuation, Click-N-Lock tiles provide you with the benefit of the best experience. 

As you have navigated through the benefits of interlocking tiles, you must be convinced to opt for this healthiest choice of tiles for your home venture. Head on to for an amazing collection.

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