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Wooden floor tile ideas to give the interiors of your living room a royal look

Wooden floor tile ideas to give the interiors of your living room a royal look

Published on 27 December 2021, 04:18:21 AM

Revamping your home from just any other house to a gorgeous place requires careful attention to detail while you are selecting things. This is especially true in the case of designing the living room interior - of your home. 

The living room interior has a truly paramount role in deciding the vibe of your home. A well-built home would have this space as a hub for relaxing, hanging out, and having a pleasant time with family and friends. Such quality time in your life deserves nothing but royalty in every bit. And what’s better than wooden floor tiles for the living room to impart the royal quotient to your living spaces? Let’s dig deeper and read about wooden tiles and their magic! 

Wooden flooring is available in a wide range of options - from solid hardwood flooring, and bamboo flooring to engineered wood flooring, the list goes on and on. The most common type here is undoubtedly the hardwood flooring because of the chic and glamorous look it adds to any space. Hardwood flooring is aesthetically pleasing and has a rich and warm look. You can easily find various varieties such as oak, cherry, maple, walnut, and more for adorning your living room interior. 

In spite of hardwood flooring being so appealing and royal, there are some drawbacks that have made people switch to other feasible and equally beautiful options for their living room interior. 

Hardwood or, for that matter, any other natural wooden floor tile has a tendency to swell in spaces with high moisture content and shrink in areas with dry air. This harms the durability of natural wooden floor tile another point to note here is that installing hardwood flooring is an exhausting task, and so is maintaining them. 

Advancement in technology has made it possible to marry the look of wooden flooring with durability and ease due to the high demand for royal living room wooden floor tiles Click-N-Lock Tiles from Welspun Flooring are made out of stone polymer composite and have a strong core made with five layers while being rightly lightweight and easiest to maintain!

The most exciting part about this flooring option is the multiple design possibilities it comes with for royal living room wooden floor tiles. Click-N-Lock Tiles have three exquisite collections of wooden floor tile finishes similar to that of natural hardwood, such as whisker oak, and teak brown. Natural Teak, Dark Walnut, Almond, Carolina Cherry, and many more are some of the wooden floor tile ideas to ramp up your flooring’s style quotient. The significant difference is that Click-N-Lock Tiles, together with being equally beautiful, is durable too for a perfect living room interior. 

These elegant-looking tiles are a work of the finest craftsmanship. Each tile is built with utmost precision for those who wouldn’t settle for anything less than a royal living room interior. The textures of these tiles would enhance your living room in a way that is distinctly visible. The charming patterns, smooth surface, and versatile tones give you a chance to let your decoration ideas flow without any boundaries. 

Add a chic look to your living room with modern, sleek accessories, such as polished mirrors, contemporary art, antique chairs, or whatever matches your personality, because the design options are so vast that there is something unique for those who appreciate the craftsmanship and its power to transform the whole aura to royalty. From light shades to dark, from solid colours to patterns, this flooring type has the whole nine yards of what royal living room interior dreams are made of. 

Moreover, on a practical note, unlike hardwood flooring, Click-N-Lock Tiles are resistant to scratches, stains, flames, moisture, and skid. These ultimate functional features ensure that your living room interior is safe for kids and elders and keeps its royal look and feel for years to come! 

Another plus point about this delightful flooring is the one-day installation process, that too on the existing floor. Click-N-Lock Tiles allow homeowners to envelop their living room interior with the most pleasing wooden finish in less than twenty-four hours, making the whole process hassle-free in the truest form.

Upgrade to better and say yes to a royal living room interior with the perfect Click-N-Lock Tiles with the wooden finish from Welspun Flooring. Keep your home’s aesthetics on top and be remembered for someone with royal and brilliant interior choices! 

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