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Budget friendly flooring options for your restaurant interior design

Budget friendly flooring options for your restaurant interior design

Published on 08 November 2021, 03:00:10 PM

Running a restaurant can be immensely rewarding, competitive, and stressful. But what keeps one going is the client’s satisfaction and undying loyalty. To keep clients trooping in consistently, a decent restaurant needs to serve good food, be serious about customer service and look good. The ambience of the restaurant plays as much of a role as the food. 

In today’s world, people don’t just gather at restaurants to eat. They like to explore around, enjoy the ambience and most importantly click pictures for their social media. So, a good interior design for your restaurant is important today more than ever. 

Hence, we have curated some ideas on restaurant interior design for flooring options that are fit for the purpose, easy on the eyes, and also easy on the pocket! 

  • Carpeting: Carpeting comes in a very diverse range of designs, colours, and patterns and is extremely visually appealing. It can give your restaurant that special spark of colour and substance that it needs to become a hit and to crown it all, it’s often the most budget-friendly flooring option for any restaurant interior design. Carpets are always a pleasure to walk on, slip-resistant and can be spill-resistant. The only issue with carpeting is that it can be a chore to keep it clean and needs replacing when faded.
  • Tile: This restaurant interior design flooring option is worth the glorification frequently bestowed on it. For one, tiles are very durable, while porcelain tiles are resistant to chipping and damage, ceramic tiles are scratch-resistant. It doesn’t stop there, they are also stained and water-resistant. Being water-resistant, tiles can be used in the restaurant kitchen, as well as anywhere else where there’s likely to be a lot of water spillage and moisture. However, they are liable to crack if something heavy is dropped on them and should be taken care of in the design plan. To add some fun to your flooring in a hassle-free way, Welspun’s Click-N-Lock tiles are just the ideal choice. With the advanced interlocking technology and an installation done in less than one day, this is what your setup needs.


  • Concrete: Concrete is an underrated flooring choice that deserves serious consideration in any restaurant interior design setup. This kind has become more interesting and definitely less ordinary with a lot of concrete colors, and patterns. They look very much different from the standard type of concrete we have all been used to seeing. It is stain resistant, and can easily carry heavy furniture, and complex equipment. To crown it all, it can be endlessly customized to fit in with the ethos of your restaurant.


  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a good choice where affordable but sweet-looking restaurant interior design flooring is concerned. It comes in various colours and designs, now more than ever while being stain resistant and is super-easy to clean up. Vinyl Flooring is also sound-absorbing, which is important as it lets patrons eat in peace, undisturbed by constant foot traffic. 

However, vinyl is not very durable and once installed tends to lose luster quickly, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. But if you are willing to overlook disadvantages like that, you will find vinyl very much worth considering in your restaurant interior design plans. With some good and creative suggestions with reliable expertise, we at Welspun Flooring offer you sure-shot solutions to all your flooring problems. 

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