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Clever Home Renovation Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home Decor

Clever Home Renovation Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home Decor

Published on 16 May 2022, 12:54:12 PM

Planning the interior design of your house is an extremely critical part of your home renovation. Whether you’re redoing your existing home or moving into a new home, visualizing the interior design of your home is the first step to be taken.

Whatever style you choose, remember to consider both the big picture and the smaller details when it comes to decorating. The goal of designing is to create a fresh look. Creating a fresh look doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, it can be done in a cost-effective manner if you take a pragmatic approach.

Adding a little something extra to your home is the perfect way to create a space that's unique to you. Take on these mini-projects yourself and you can transform your space into something totally new from the existing items. You can always find something you like about the decor in your home by reading this blog as it will provide you with the right inspiration to change your house's interior design from time to time.

Here are some clever home renovation design ideas to brighten up your home decor:


  • Flooring

It's not hard to update the look of your home by changing the flooring. With Welspun's Click-N-Lock tiles, you can do this easily. There's a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from to get a home decor that’s easy to maintain and is high on style.


  • Odd spaces

Consider making use of the odd corners in your home by using the space for a storage area or cabinets. Construct cabinets in tight corners to create hidden storage. Adding storage to an otherwise unused area keeps clutter at bay. You could also add shelves on the wall to avoid consuming floor space.


  • Mix of style + texture

In interior design, it is popular to mix and match materials to elevate your space. This may be done through textiles, decor, furniture, lighting, and even plants. Flooring can make a big difference as well, especially if you have enough space at your disposal. You can try products from Welspun Flooring as they provide a wide array of flooring solutions such as the Click-N-Lock tiles and Wall to Wall Carpets.


  • Statement walls

By selecting a new colour of paint, adding patterned wallpaper, or painting your walls in different geometric patterns or designs, you can completely transform the feel of your home. This small tweak can totally transform the vibe of your home and make it look way more appealing.


  • Go creative 

You can infuse a classic style to your home with the help of neutral colour palette and mixing it up with other flashy elements to make the space little edgier. You can also experiment with printed colourful textiles, bold furniture, pop of colour, etc.


  • Good lighting

Finding the right balance between aesthetic and functional lighting is crucial to creating the perfect home décor. Lighting can be hung from your ceiling, woven around plants, or strung around artwork to enhance your home's ambience. While artificial lighting is important, natural lighting also plays a vital role in highlighting the mood of your house. Make sure you utilise all your windows and ventilation spaces to the fullest and let natural light seep in. This will not only help you to save on electricity, but will also add freshness and warmth to your home. Proper natural lighting also makes the area appear larger. 


  • Colourful Textiles

Brighten up your home decor by adding a fresh pop of colour. Do so by changing the textiles in your house design. Work on the curtains, cushions, table mats, throws, bed sheets, bed covers, etc to instantly refresh your home aesthetics.

These steps mentioned above are great for brightening up your existing home decor almost instantly and most of them can be done on a budget. Be sure to try it out and let us know your experience about the same.

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