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Commercial Gym Flooring Buyers’ Guide

Commercial Gym Flooring Buyers’ Guide

Published on 09 September 2021, 03:28:56 PM

You can’t be any less excited while finally inaugurating the commercial gym studio that you have been longing for or at length beginning to remodel or create new flooring for your fitness center. Even if you are starting from square one or renovating your official gym, it is a huge and at times very overwhelming approach. Whether you look to buy for commercial gym flooring or your home gym floor, there are some factors you need to review. With plenty of options out there, it might be a little complicated to decide on commercial gym flooring types.

You can find the most resilient commercial gym flooring options for your fitness center with our handy buyers’ guide.


  • Rubber Gym Floor Tiles:

They are widely recognized as the premier gym flooring resolution. Most of the gym owners consider this surfacing type for the commercial gym flooring as well as the home gym. These tiles are cost-effective, durable and are best known for simple and easy installation. The ideal thickness for rubber gym floor tiles can be 3/8”, but in dire conditions, the owners may go for the 1/2” thickness option that is also an optimal selection for heavy dumbbells.

  • Rubber Gym Floor Mats:

These floor mats are the perfect base for small spaces or weightlifting areas. You don’t need compact tiles for your entire commercial gym flooring rather you can use these durable and ultra-thick mats for weightlifting purposes. The rubber gym floor mats can go from size 1/4” to 3/4” that are specially designed for use of heavy gym equipment.

  • Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls:

The gym rubber rolls are durable with a sharp and polished look that makes them reliable for commercial gym flooring. When the rubber rolls are perfectly installed, it is difficult to perceive its starting and ending point giving a seamless appearance. These rolls come with multiple thickness options to suit the fitness area however the most recommended density is 3/8”.

  • Gym Turf Rolls: The indoor commercial gym flooring turfs are an excellent choice to maximize the space for workouts and exercises. This safe and flexible surface is utilized best for training, yoga, and some stretching. You can even make use of sleds as these turfs are durable. The softness of this commercial gym flooring turf makes it a great surface for a high-intensity workout providing speed and agility.
  • Gym Turf Tiles: There is not much difference between gym turf rolls and gym turf tiles. For oddly shaped spaces, gym turf tiles are a wise choice. Although, turf tiles are much more expensive than turf rolls. If you can manage to create a lane in your commercial gym using turf rolls, then go for it.
  • Studio Mats: These mats are installed on the top of permanent gym floors for comfort during the workout sessions. Studio mats have a low maintenance facility and they are very reliable to store and even clean. Various types of studio mats are available to suit your commercial gym flooring needs.

We hope this commercial gym flooring buyers’ guide has been of great importance to meet your requirements.

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