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creative home renovations to make your home stand apart

creative home renovations to make your home stand apart

Published on 17 June 2022, 12:24:01 PM

Remember the adrenaline rush you felt when you moved into your new home? You got to set up the new place with your favourite furniture, and accessories and decorate the interiors. But, after spending many years in the same environment, our once-fancy spaces begin to feel boring. We don’t blame you; it happens to the best of us. A change of scenery can do wonders to wake you up from your slump. 

If you are looking for some inspiration to give your current home a facelift, we have rounded up some cool and creative home renovations for you. These creative home renovation ideas will change the look and feel of your home and make way for a more enjoyable living experience. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Walk-in Wardrobe

If you have the space for it, installing a walk-in wardrobe can be a fabulous and creative home renovation to pamper yourself with. Not only will it add a sense of charm and sophistication to your home, but it will also help you keep your clothes, accessories, and footwear more organized. The ample open storage will allow you to choose your daily attire with a glance and save time too. While you are at it, don't forget to add a generously-sized skylight to accentuate your creative home renovation some more.

Colourful Front Door

Your home’s exterior makes the first impression on your guests. Creative home renovations can help create a bold image of your home’s exterior while adding value to its curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint and good landscaping certainly help in improving the visual interest of your entryway. But, having a colourful front door that pops out from the scenery around can add a wow factor to your property and make it stand out from the neighbouring houses.

Kitchen Makeover

Do you have an outdated kitchen that makes cooking uninteresting for you? Upgrading your kitchen with modern, energy-efficient appliances is a creative home renovation idea worth considering. Not just that, you can even think of having a kitchen island to make the space livelier and more entertaining. A kitchen island is a perfect place for the whole family to gather and engage in some fun banter as they eat scrumptious meals.

Spacious Backyard

Does your house have a large backyard? A great creative home renovation tip would be to use the outdoor space to its full potential. Have a separate seating area where you can host your guests and relax with your family. The best part about renovating outdoor spaces is that they don’t have to cost much. There are no sturdy walls to be built, just a roof over the seating section to keep the rain out. If you have tall trees in your backyard, install a hammock to make for a cosy reading spot. 

Stylish Floors

One of the best creative home renovation ideas is to replace your old and boring floors with the latest trendy and stylish patterns. Why hide your flooring with expensive rugs when you can use your floor tiles to floor your guests? Pun intended! For instance, if you have got hardwood floors that are in a bad shape, why replace them? You can refresh them in one solid cover, or a border around the perimeter of the room, or try a geometric pattern. You will be spoilt for choice with the endless options available today in the market. Our Click-N-Lock tiles range can transform your dull flooring into visually appealing spaces that look straight out of a magazine.

Final Thoughts

We hope this roundup of creative home renovation ideas sparked your interest and inspired you to try something innovative for your future home remodelling project

If you are looking to revamp your flooring, we can help. Welspun Flooring offers an extensive range of flooring options to transform your living spaces from dull to lively. Our Click-N-Lock tiles range is easy to install and strikes the perfect balance between visual appeal and performance. You will be spoilt for choice with our wide range of patterns and textures in multiple colours and shades keeping pace with the latest trends. 

Give us a call to know more. Our sales team would be happy to help you choose the best fit as per your lifestyle needs and budgetary constraints.

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