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Home Remodelling Guide For You to Give Your Home the Best Makeover

Home Remodelling Guide For You to Give Your Home the Best Makeover

Published on 20 May 2022, 11:54:04 AM

The relationship we all have with our living spaces has changed drastically. As we look ahead, it is time to reassess how we live in our homes and if we can learn anything from the pandemic, it is that it is impossible to predict the future.

Right now, two factors are to be considered when it comes to home remodeling - what you need to do to make your home as comfortable as possible for the immediate future and what investments will boost its resale value.

Are you trying to find the best remodeling ideas for your home? Here are the ones that experts and interior designers recommend seriously considering.

  • A home office is a must-have 

At the given moment, many people are working remotely without any definite end date in sight, so a home office or dedicated workspace may prove to be just as necessary as a kitchen or bathroom.

As businesses and offices reopen, many have made a conscious decision to implement a hybrid work-from-home model that only requires employees to come into the office a few days a week which makes it even more important to have a home office at your disposal.

Even if you don't have enough space or the right floor plan to build a home office, you can get creative with what you have. For example, people may take off sliding closet doors and turn a guest bedroom closet into a home office.


  • Separation of spaces and soundproof spaces

It is key to add soundproofing to rooms and floors, as well as close off open floor plans when possible. Do whatever it takes to make an extra private room. Building a new private space will raise the value of a home, whether it's a large closet, a finished basement, etc.

If you’re short on space you can create a feeling of two separate rooms simply by changing the flooring in the desired area. whether you want tiles, wood, or carpet tiles to make the distinction, the choice is yours,

You can check out the range of flooring options such as Carpet Tiles and Click-N-Lock tiles offered by Welspun Flooring which can be easily installed and are easy to maintain too.


  • Painting your house 

The first thing designers recommend for home makeovers is a fresh coat of paint to upgrade their space. Paint is temporary, so this is a chance to give your home a more personal feel. When choosing colours, consider how you want to feel in the room you're painting. Lighter colours will help open up a room and make it appear bigger and more spacious, while darker colours will help you take advantage of a small space while making it appear more intimate.


  • Balcony makeovers 

As a result of COVID, outdoor spaces in all communities have become much more valuable. "It used to be that people's terraces/balconies and backyards had little value compared with their homes," Looking forward, outdoor space is increasingly valuable and therefore maximising its utilisation. It's a great space in your home to try out numerous DIY projects like making your planters, creating a herb garden and adding swings and seating for everyone to relax. You could also create a mini forest by adding a variety of plants and trees to add an element of freshness to your home design.

Home and garden makeovers can be enhanced by adding artificial grass flooring which feels just like real grass. The Greens range from Welspun Flooring offers artificial grass which is perfectly suitable for your balcony and terrace. It’s easy on the pocket and easy to maintain.


  • Kitchen updates 

Traditionally, kitchens have been the most important rooms in homes and apartments, but the pandemic has placed new emphasis on this space. Having a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful is an increasing priority, buyers even in city apartments are looking at the kitchen, not just for its design but for its functionality especially looking for kitchens that come with increased storage options.

If you're working on your kitchen interiors, a pantry is highly recommended. What is also highly recommended is using the same marble for the backsplash and countertop, as well as an island is another great option. It’s a timeless classic that never goes out of style while proving to be every bit functional 


  • Find a purpose to empty unused spaces 

There are lots of spaces in homes that don't get used or are underused. Since many activities that used to take place outside are taking place inside and will continue to do so in the future. Many people convert formal dining rooms into home offices, but there are other ways to use these spaces, especially if one already has a home office. When you don't use your formal dining room, turn it into a family game room so your family can have fun. You might consider finishing an unfinished basement into a fitness or fitness-related space such as a massage room, yoga studio or weight room if you need more square footage.


  • Create spa-like bathrooms

If you're looking to add more luxury to your bathroom, install freestanding bathtubs and big rain showers. When paired with ambience lighting, it’s sure to make your bathroom feel like a spa. These bathroom interior upgrades certainly make life easier.


  • Adding elements/accents and gadgets that make your house more sanitary 

Among the major impacts of the pandemic is a greater concern about illness and germs. This has already impacted house design and will continue to do so. Considering the pandemic and increased awareness of sanitization, hands-free options in homes will provide peace of mind.

Even a seemingly insignificant act like choosing a touchless faucet or smart lighting in a handwashing station in the powder room can make a big difference now as well as in the future.

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