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Do you need landscape fabric under artificial grass?

Do you need landscape fabric under artificial grass?

Published on 18 June 2021, 11:37:08 AM

The Oxford dictionary defines the word "easy," an adjective, as something "achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties, and (of a period of time or way of life) free from worries or problems." This definition fits perfectly with the experience that comes with having artificial grass in your spaces.

Landscaping artificial grass saves you from the trouble of weeding, mowing, watering, infestation, and every other complication that natural grass brings with itself. To say it simply, artificial grass is there to make your life easy, beautiful, and bright. 

The secret trick behind all the easiness and low maintenance of landscaping artificial grass is the installation, which is second only to the quality of fibres. An accurately installed grass can make or break your experience. There are some tricks and tips that would help you to get the best out of your green fibres that have the unique power to rejuvenate both homes and offices. Read on to discover:

1. A Good Quality Landscape Fabric

Just when you thought of saying goodbye to the weeding and mowing equipment, you find a weed popping up in your artificial grass patch. But why? This is because you haven't used a landscape fabric beneath your synthetic grass. If you place this artificial grass on a lawn or a terrace, the chances are that weed and bushes would grow from the soil and ruin the look of your space.

Landscape fabric is like a mat made of polypropylene and is used to cover all types of surfaces and soil beneath the synthetic grass. Keep in mind that your landscape fabric must have small holes spread at proper intervals to regulate the drainage for rainwater and moisture. 

Before installing the landscape fabric, it is vital to prepare the area. You can do this by removing all the existing weeds and spraying the area with a weed killer. Levelling up the soil or any ground below it ensures an even surface and prevents damage to the fabric. Try walking over the soil or using a hand tamper to make the loose soil more compact. Let the sun dry out any extra moisture present in the ground. The last step before installing the landscape fabric is to mark a defined border to lay the turf and make sure your fabric secures the edges. When all of this is done, you can happily shed out your weeding equipment. 

2. Installing The Base - Right After Placing the Landscape Fabric

Once weed prevention is done, the next step is to lay the base. Using crushed rock, gravel, or decomposed granite, with particles under ⅜" (10 mm) would bring out your turf nicely. Fill the area with the mixture for about two to three inches. Make sure you slope it down to augment drainage and prevent dipping. However, if your base is made up of a hard surface, you can skip this step and instead install a rubber shock pad or a self-levelling compound.

Moisten and compact the base for the final time. While it dries, unroll the lawn on the sides, as it takes some time for the turf to recover its original shape after being packed in rolls. 

3. Installing the Lawn 

Now that you have secured the ground from weeds and levelled up the base, it's time for the final show - laying the lawn. Layout the lawn in one direction and cut it out wherever necessary using a carpet cutter. The next step is to seam the turf strips together using tape and glue. Fasten the perimeter and hammer the turf gently. Add infill to add cushioning to the surface and brush the turf in between. Water the lawn and wait for it to dry before proceeding with the process of landscaping artificial grass.

If you want a lawn that is seamless and durable, a good quality and rightly placed landscape fabric will serve as strong roots for your artificial grass. It would remove any harmful uninvited guests to keep your turf bright and lively. Check out our range of Greens for the best quality artificial grass that you surely would not want to miss for anything in landscaping artificial grass. And if the above process of installation makes you wonder if you can pull it off, don’t you worry - our professional installers will get the job of landscaping artificial grass done for you in no time, so you can put your feet up and enjoy the serene greenery of your new flooring.

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