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Easy Room Decoration Ideas to Transform your look

Easy Room Decoration Ideas to Transform your look

Published on 21 April 2022, 11:41:32 AM

When it is to your bedroom, thoughtful and creative room interior ideas make the room look great from average. The room being your individual space gives you a complete sense of freedom to show your personality. From wanting to create a relaxing vibe, modern aesthetic, victorian or bohemian, your style becomes your reality. 

When you see the same thing on an almost everyday basis, you often tend to get ignorant of it, and at least staying in that space becomes uninspiring. We spend time in our bedroom day in and day out without changing it for years and don’t realize how bored we are with the same look and feel.

To get out of this situation a little change in your room interior design is recommended now and then to maintain that fresh energy. To make this easier for you, we have combined some of the easiest ways in which you can change the bedroom interior design.

  • Go creative with your walls: Room interior decorations call for a transformational look for your wall. Choosing a different colour of paint, trying out a patterned wallpaper, or painting your wall in different geometric patterns can help change the mood of the bedroom.
  • Change the lighting: Mood lighting and ambiance lighting goes a long way to creating a sense of comfort and warmth in your room. Don’t forget to opt for good reading lights as well on either end of your bedside. Apart from this, you can also opt for the addition of statement lamps and light fixtures to add a more artsy element to your room.
  • Add your personal touch: Depending on your personality and the mood that you wish to set for your bedroom interior, add decor pieces, art, photographs, or elements that bring out your personality. For example, if you are someone who is opting for a retro theme for your room, then add retro art pieces and prints to your room to suit your style. You can also choose the floor design from Welspun Flooring’s range of Click-N-Lock tiles to match your style & theme of the room.
  • Reshuffle furniture: Move the furniture around in your room. Try swapping furniture like the dressing table, study, wardrobes, or even the bed. You need not reshuffle just the furniture in your room but you can try doing so by swapping furniture from the rest of your house as well.
  • Create more space: Room decor for small rooms is especially tricky. Whether or not you are facing a space restriction, “always declutter”. Sometimes less is more and this enables us to have a cleaner, wider space which in turn will make your room appear bigger than its actual size. Creating more space will also help you navigate through your room easily which can otherwise often be seen as a task.
  • Work on the flooring: The easiest way to revamp the room decor of your home is by changing the flooring. This need not be difficult as Welspun’s Click-N-Lock Tiles make it very easy. They have a wide array of products to select from which can match every mood of yours. If you are looking for something cozier then you can opt for the Welspun carpet tiles which are not only easy on maintenance but also add a soft fluffy feeling beneath your feet.
  • Creative Headboards: You can go extremely creative with headboards, From trying a vintage wall divider, using velvet, going easy by just placing lots of cushions against the wall, repurposing an old window or a door and using it as a headboard, a metal frame, creating a canopy are some great ideas for headboards. Your possibilities and choices are quite endless.
  • Adding ceramics: There is something cozy about adding ceramics to your home interior decor especially when it comes to your bedroom. Adding tiny ceramic pieces also makes such a big difference like ceramic trinket trays, flower vases, wind chimes, figurines, aroma diffusers, etc.

Mentioned above are some fun, easy and interesting room makeover ideas that can help you transform the look of your bedroom easily. You can also check out the range of products offered by Welspun Flooring to enhance your bedroom decor even further.

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