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Top 3 Bedroom Interior Design tips for a much-needed makeover

Top 3 Bedroom Interior Design tips for a much-needed makeover

Published on 07 April 2022, 12:05:46 PM

Most of us gather various ideas on how we want our bedroom interiors to look but it often remains as ideas. We often shrug off the home remodeling idea either due to multiple reasons such as budget constraints or the amount of time it takes or just due to procrastination.

One deserves a bedroom where they can relax, unwind, and which is the bedroom of their dreams and the above-stated reasons should not be a hindrance.

Busting a popular myth: Room interior decoration is an expensive affair. Yes, you read that right! Remodeling your room can be done on a budget. Many popular interior designers think that you can do it yourself and create an ambiance/aesthetic that screams your personality without spending a fortune on it. If you can’t decide where to start then this blog will help you kickstart your bedroom makeover journey.

The top home makeover ideas are :

1. Reconfigure: Every goal needs a plan and home/room makeovers need one without which there will only be chaos. Jot down those dreamy bedroom interior ideas and carefully put your vision to paper. Some questions that will help you get started are,” does this suit my goal?”, “Is this going in sync with my needs?”,” Is there a lot of furniture or is it too sparse?”. 

These questions will solve a lot of your doubts and they will help you gain a better and clear understanding of what will or will not be a part of your bedroom. One great way to also do your room makeover is by swapping certain existing elements in your home. For eg, a chest of drawers placed in your living room now sits better in your bedroom. Swapping can be done not only with furniture but also with accessories and textiles for your room. You can also try to rearrange your furniture in the way that you desire which will give you a different essence of the place.

If you don't mind trying your hand at DIY projects then that is something that you should consider as well. Re-modeling of furniture or simply changing the upholstery are small changes that you can make which are pocket-friendly as well.

2. Flooring: Now, this can sound overwhelming but the solution that we have will wipe your concerns away. Flooring plays a very important part in any home interior design project whether it is for your entire home or just one part of it. 

We are all aware of the struggles when it comes to changing our flooring, but what if there is an easy and cost-effective solution for this problem also? Click-N-Lock tiles are available in a wide range of designs from marbled finishes to a wooden finish which is easy to install and goes easy on your pocket as well. You can opt to change the room floor design as well by following the vision that you are trying to achieve.

3. Paint: Colour plays a very influential role in a household, from setting the tone of the house to having an emotional impact on the homeowner. Since COVID, color therapy is something that is trending quite a bit which has helped many to uplift their mood and add some joy, especially during tough times. Adding colors is something that you should consider for your room.

This can be done by changing the paint, adding a patterned wallpaper and if you are feeling creative, then you can go ahead and paint the wall yourself in different color patterns and textures. Some popular shades for this season include earthy tones like brown and green or some really bold contrasting colors. Colour can be added not only to the walls but also to the furniture keeping the walls a neutral shade.

Hence, keeping in sync with the current trends and your interior design style we can completely transform your bedroom following the above ideas. While you are on the journey of home makeover you can also consider incorporating a range of products like Click-N-Lock tiles. 

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