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Easy to install Stone finish tiles to go with your restaurant Decor

Easy to install Stone finish tiles to go with your restaurant Decor

Published on 27 December 2021, 01:29:23 PM

Setting up a restaurant is not an easy task. A lot of planning is needed in setting up the restaurant decor. You have to select the location, design the interiors, plan the menu, hire the staff, and make many more decisions. The ambiance is the main focus of any restaurant and hence great restaurant decor is extremely important. 

The restaurant decor must be designed in a way to ensure that the guests feel welcomed and relaxed. The flooring is one of the key foundations of any restaurant's decor. The flooring must be pleasing to everyone's eyes. There are a huge variety of flooring options available for restaurant decor such as concrete floors, cork floors, hardwood floors, laminate floors, vinyl floors, stone floors, carpet tiles floor, and many more. However, all of these are not very easy to install. You need something easy to install such as stone polymer composite tiles. In this blog, we will explain what Stone Polymer Composite tiles are and why we believe they are a great fit for your restaurant decor.

What Are Stone Polymer Composite Tiles?

Stone polymer composite (SPC) tiles are made with a limestone core that is combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer. SPC tiles are highly durable and are 10x more impact-resistant than traditional forms of flooring. The core is made with a UV film that creates strong and beautiful flooring.

Benefits Of Stone Polymer Composite TIles

  • They are easy to install as they are interlocking in nature.
  • They are waterproof and fire-resistant thereby ideal for restaurant decor.
  • They require no acclimation and are perfect for humid environments.
  • They can be installed by anyone. You do not need any professional help to install them.
  • They are easy to replace as well in case of damage. You just need to replace the damaged tile instead of removing the entire floor.

Welspun Flooring Has Some Great Stone Polymer Composite Tiles For Restaurant Decor

Welspun Flooring has a great range of SPC tiles that are available in stone and wood finishes. The SPC tiles from Welspun Flooring are known as Click-N-Lock tiles as they have a special interlocking mechanism that ensures flawless locking at the joints. The Click-N-Lock tiles have a five-layer core that provides a cushion backing that enables underfoot comfort and lower tapping sound. 

The Click-N-Lock tiles have features such as a special coating that kills 99.8% of viruses. They have superior stain resistance because of the Stain Protect layer. They are certified by international institutions meeting all the standards of safety. The main advantage of the Click-N-Lock tiles is they can be installed in less than a day and be noise and dust-free installation. They also have an anti-slip feature which is a perfect solution for a business like that of a restaurant.

Click-N-Lock tiles are a great fit for restaurant decor as there are a wide variety of designs and finishes available. Further, as they can be installed without significant effort and on the existing floors, the overall labour costs come down significantly. These tiles do not need any special maintenance. We believe that the Click-N-Lock tiles are ideal for restaurant decor. More details about this can be found on the Welspun flooring website.

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