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Elevate Your Living Room With Anti-Skid Tiles

Elevate Your Living Room With Anti-Skid Tiles

Published on 30 June 2021, 05:14:13 PM

A flooring design well put can uplift and beautifully set the stage for your chosen interior style to be more inviting and welcoming. This is true for every space in your home, but a bias is still towards your living room. Living room flooring is a big decision for it is the most versatile space in the house. 

For some, it's the go-to place to relax and entertain with family and friends, and for others, it might be a formal place. Irrespective of the reasons, the living room is the face of your abode. While traditional flooring like marble and mosaic still has its charm intact, in the new age, aesthetic tiles add a cool and contemporary look to your decor style. Besides, all the second thoughts about tiles due to their slippery texture have well been eliminated with the growing demand for anti-skid tiles for your living room and your home. Because, in addition to aesthetics, there must be a few practical considerations too. Without further ado, let's see why anti-skid tiles for your living room are a perfect choice to shield up and elevate the look and feel of it:

Enhanced Safety:

Anti-slip or Anti-skid tiles are different from regular porcelain or ceramic floor tiles. Standard floor tiles are notably slippery and might lead to severe accidents or falls. On the other hand, anti-slip tiles are treated with a coating that reduces the slipping risk. One of the best in this category is offered by Click N Lock tiles. These tiles are anti-slip and work well in areas, such as living rooms and porches, that are frequently used for moving around casually.

Make a Durable Choice:

Being the most versatile space of your house, living rooms must have flooring which is durable and can withstand a relatively high amount of traffic. Click N Lock tiles by Welspun are made of stone polymer composite and have a 5 layer sturdy core that adds to its strength while being lightweight. Besides being anti-skid, its high durability is what makes it a go-to flooring option for living rooms.

Ease of installation:

Traditional flooring options like marble, granite, and vitrified tiles cause a lot of dust and noise during installation. On the other hand, modern anti-skid flooring by Welspun can eliminate all such hassles as their tiles can be installed on the existing floor with minimal effort. The flagship product Click N Lock tiles is a fine example of anti-skid tiles for living rooms flooring that are easy to install due to its Wel-Lock™ technology.

Multiple design possibilities:

Flooring choices are a surprisingly exciting part of the process when designing a custom home. The countless variations of styles, textures, and colors can really brighten up your living room, giving distinct personality to it- thanks to the multiple design possibilities that come with flooring. But a lot has to be kept in mind while you’re finalizing on the right floor that comes with added safety, take for instance anti-slip tiles. Click N Lock tiles by Welspun Flooring, which are anti-skid tiles in nature, are available in wood, stone, and other finishes that can be used to match the interiors of your living room.  

Think Long Term:

As compared to the typical anti-skid tiles(vitrified), Welspun’s anti-skid tiles are much sturdier, look elegant, and are easy to install and maintain too. Their Click n Lock tiles with their anti-slip surface ensure minimum slippage. These tiles are ideal for homes with kids and the elderly. 

Time to Slide Through the Anti-Skid Tiles

So, after an exhaustive list of practical reasons, it's time to transform your living room into a pleasant place with the tiles your feet would never want to leave. 

Take a break from the mundane routine and utilize your living room to the maximum you can. Walk, jump and dance your heart out with these Click N Lock, anti-skid tiles and bring life to your living room floor with a mix of brilliance and innovation. Get it all with Welspun Flooring today! 

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