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5 evergreen flooring designs for your home

5 evergreen flooring designs for your home

Published on 25 December 2021, 05:26:20 AM

Today, there are a plethora of designs available for homeowners, architects, and interior designers to choose from. Flooring designs play a huge role in the stability and structure of the home. And yes, carefully selected flooring designs will go a long way to boost your property value. 

There is a high demand for sustainable and affordable flooring designs for consumers. Knowing your budget, needs, safety, and the weather are some of the many things to keep in mind before choosing any flooring designs. Considering these factors in mind, let us dive deep into the 5 evergreen flooring designs which never go out of style. 


Click-N-Lock Tiles

Many homeowners wish to have a hassle-free makeover for their floors. Practicality and aesthetics are two factors that homeowners want for their flooring designs. As the name suggests, Click-N-Lock Tiles can be interlocked together and do not need any adhesive or any other material.

Click-N-Lock tiles by Welspun Flooring is a Stone Polymer Composite that comes with a Wel-Lock technology that allows the tiles to lock with each other without any hassle of making and using grout to weave them together on your flooring in less than a day with noise and dust-free installation. Also, it is not that Welspun Flooring only focuses on the technology, it has also taken care of offering you a plethora of designs so that you can choose without compromising on your flooring designs. 

Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring designs have always been the evergreen choice, a constant trend among many. This flooring design is an ideal choice for many who want to take a break from modern living and embrace the rustic look of wood in their homes. This flooring design undergoes polish which resists the stain marks and is easy to maintain. The many different types of wooden flooring designs include bleached and blanched wood, fumed wood, and distressed wood. 

Carpet Tiles

Bring home design and practicality with Carpet tiles. These flooring design tiles give the look and feel of carpets, but are easier to maintain as compared to carpets. Being stain-resistant, easy to install, many homeowners are switching to carpet tiles to give their home a sleek, more modern furnished look.  

Due to the pandemic, millions of people have moved from offices and co-working spaces. Many homeowners renovated their home offices with carpet tiles that help encourage productivity from the comfort of their homes. This flooring design which comes with a splash of design, patterns, and colors brings a lively vibe and enhances mood as well. 

Marble Floors 

No matter where it is used, marble has elegance and timeless appeal which remains the evergreen choice for many. Marble flooring design is the evergreen favorite of homeowners, architects, and interior designers. Marble has the luxurious lustre, being naturally pearly and luminescent. Italian marble is considered to be commonly preferred as it brings sophistication, sheer elegance which breathes life into the atmosphere as well. Statuario, Botticino, and Carrara are some of the famous Italian marble flooring designs with a premium, distinct appearance which brings characters to the space. 

Laminated Floors

Laminate flooring design is seen as a rising choice as it can mimic materials such as stone, tiles, or wooden flooring designs. This kind of flooring design lasts long and is excellent in mimicking the look and feel of these materials and also features the different types of finishes. Modern technological advancement plays a major role in its design as well. This flooring design is manufactured from synthetic materials processed into a back layer, fiberboard core, decorative layer, and a top or protective layer which makes the flooring design durable, easy to clean, and affordable. There is a wide variety of choices available when it comes to choosing laminate flooring designs

Do you agree with the 5 evergreen flooring designs? If you’re choosing to renovate or install flooring designs, keep in mind the aesthetic and practicality you’re going for. Flooring trends keep on changing but the use, and functionality should be the first box you tick off from your list. Welspun Flooring comes with a myriad of choices from where you can choose what suits your home better. Explore and choose from what works best for you, and your home. Don’t compromise on designs or quality while choosing, make sure that the aesthetics and practicality go hand-in-hand. 

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