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Everything You Need to Know About PVC Flooring.

Everything You Need to Know About PVC Flooring.

Published on 24 December 2021, 06:04:29 AM

Are you in the market looking for flooring solutions and are confused by terms like Vinyl, PVC, and SPC? We do understand your pain. Before we tell you how you should opt between these floors, let us take some time to understand what these terms exactly mean. If you can understand the basics first, making a choice will not be hard. We will explain what exactly these floors are if PVC and vinyl flooring are different, the PVC flooring price parameters, and how to make a selection along with some better options for you to consider. 

What Is PVC Flooring?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride also known as Vinyl. Yes, these two mean the same thing, and they are used interchangeably, hence leaving all buyers confused. Most of us end up thinking that these are two different types of flooring solutions but they are not. PVC is an application of many other things like pipes, insulation, siding, etc, and hence has become a common name in the flooring industry as well. So PVC flooring is vinyl flooring and vinyl flooring is PVC flooring. 

How To Select The Best PVC / Vinyl Flooring For Your Home Considering The PVC Flooring Price?

To select the best PVC flooring for your home, you must understand the types of solutions available. The PVC flooring price is also an important factor to consider. Once you can figure out the differences between the different types and the PVC flooring prices, you will be able to make a more informed decision about your purchase.


  • Vinyl Planks - These are also known as luxury vinyl planks or LVP and are one of the most popular faux wood flooring options available in the market. These are waterproof and can be used to create all forms of wooden floor designs. These planks can come with either a rigid core or a flexible core depending on the type of product you pick. The PVC flooring price of vinyl planks is comparatively more expensive than other forms of PVC floors. 
  • Vinyl Tiles - These are also known as luxury vinyl tiles or LVT. While LVPs are made to look like wood, LVTs are made to look like slate, granite, marble, among other things. These come in square pieces instead of rectangular planks like LVPs. The PVC flooring price of vinyl tiles is comparatively more expensive than sheet vinyl but cheaper than planks.
  • Sheet Vinyl - These are large sheets that are cut according to the specifications of your space. These are more traditional and no longer a preferred flooring solution. The PVC flooring price of sheet vinyl is high as well.

We believe that stone polymer composite (SPC) tiles are better options than PVC flooring solutions. SPC flooring has all the finishes that are available with PVC floors but also are a better option over PVC floors because of the following properties - 


  • PVC floors are glued down to the floors and are hard to remove thereby increasing the  PVC flooring price whereas the SPC floor tiles are not glued down. SPC floor tiles have an interlocking mechanism making removal of tiles easier than PVC.
  • Since PVC is plastic, these are not the most eco-friendly options out there. As these are not environment friendly, the longer-term PVC flooring price goes up.
  • PVC floors have grout and are thereby susceptible to germ and dirt accumulation, unlike SPC floors.
  • PVC floors do not have antiviral, antimicrobial, or anti-skid properties that are available in most modern SPC floors. Absence of these increases the maintenance price of PVC flooring.
  • PVC flooring price is higher when compared to SPC floors. The cost to maintain when compared to SPC floors is high as well. If there is any damage, the specific SPC floor tiles can be removed and replaced whereas, with PVC floors, all of them would need replacement.

The Click-N-LockTiles range of tiles from Welspun is the best in class SPC tiles. These are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and have all the features mentioned above. The Click-N-Lock tiles are certified by international institutions to meet all safety standards. These are even suitable for kids and old people because of a special coating that kills viruses and anti-slip property that prevents the user from falling. You must check the Welspun Flooring website.

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