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Everything You Need To Know About Small Bedroom Makeover

Everything You Need To Know About Small Bedroom Makeover

Published on 26 August 2021, 07:37:42 AM

Ironic, but a small bedroom makeover comes with big possibilities. Apparently, space might come out as limiting, but the reality is the opposite if you utilize it in the best ways. Every small space can be every bit as charming, comfortable and reflect your personality as much any big space. Bedrooms made using the right elements such as fetching wall paint, adorable spacious furniture pieces, and the perfect flooring can be the coziest and most beautiful place in the entire house.

But wait, you might be wondering that wall paints, elegant furniture, and glossy interior decoration can easily be taken for transforming the look and feel of your room, but how can flooring carry that much potential for a small bedroom makeover? It does; let’s see how? Whether you have set your mind on a makeover or complete transition, the prospects of a small bedroom makeover are unbinding. Well, if you still don’t believe it, this blog can help change your mind! Read on.

Go for Subtle but Impactful:

Small bedroom makeovers work in a proportionate way. Light flooring goes light on eyes, and heavy flooring goes heavy on eyes. Light and minimal flooring adds dimensions to your space and makes it look larger than it actually is. With the small bedroom makeover, give your spaces a chance to breathe with subtle flooring options like the Click N Lock tiles from Welspun. 

CNL tiles are made up of five layers that add to their durability and are very lightweight in nature. Designed with the innovative Wel-Lock™ technology allowing these tiles to be installed in a span of less than a day, that too with no dirt and noise. These tiles possess qualities such as scratch and stain resistance, low maintenance, making them a no-brainer for floors.

Moreover, CNL tiles fit just fine with interesting decor elements such as a vintage floor lamp, or pendant light, or a glossy bookshelf, thus making your small bedroom makeover process easier and delightful! 

Invigorate Room with Carpet Tiles:

If your goal is to have a peaceful and refreshing vibe with a small bedroom makeover, then you must have all the bright and soothing colors around you. Something that allows your eyes to pause and complements the whole room.

Calm your mind and revive your senses every time you feel the presence of beautiful Carpet tiles under your feet. Carpet tiles from Welspun are perfect for a small bedroom makeover both in terms of purpose and look. Made with highly resilient and best-quality fibers, this flooring type comes with multiple design patterns and colors to blend well with different decor schemes effortlessly. Good quality carpet tiles are also easy to maintain by following some simple procedures such as vacuuming or cleaning.

In short, carpet tiles make for an elegant and cozy small bedroom makeover with their inherent warmth and plushness. You cannot go wrong with it if you keep it minimal and eliminate all the clutter around it!

The flooring can work wonders for your small bedroom makeover in multiple ways, bringing a touch of style to your small and defined spaces. With Welspun, you can go with rich wood-like tiles, neutral lightwood tiles, or natural-looking stone tiles, plush carpet tiles, and much more to give your spaces a completely different and unique look! Every flooring type is just as beautiful as you want it to be!

For other areas of your home, such as a lavish living room or your office room, Wall-to-Wall Carpets would be the best choice to embrace the factor of luxury and give it a theatre-like look. And, if you wish to bring a natural refreshing vibe to your home perhaps in your entrance or a balcony, then you can’t go wrong with artificial grass, also called Greens from Welspun. This grass is made from high-quality fibers that retain its softness and texture for a long time. 

What are you waiting for? Wear your creative hats. Now, it’s time for a small bedroom makeover with Welspun! 

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