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Five Floor Tile Designs For A Contemporary Bedroom Look

Five Floor Tile Designs For A Contemporary Bedroom Look

Published on 21 May 2021, 11:59:52 AM


Bedrooms are one of essential rooms in any home. It is the place of rest after a tiring day out and about. Therefore, it is no surprise that everyone wants their bedroom to be beautifully designed and decorated. So, what goes into creating the perfect bedroom that offers warmth, cosiness, and modern style? A touch of modern interiors with complimentary furniture and soothing décor. However, a good floor design is what brings all these elements together. There are numerous flooring options to choose from; however, floor tiles are the most sought-after due to their easy availability, pocket-friendly cost, and modern designs. Well-thought bedroom floor tile designs go a long way in completely changing the bedroom décor for the better. Let’s take a look at some floor tile designs to complete the contemporary bedroom look.


1.       The Classic Wood Effect

A striking amalgamation of modern style and classic sophistication, wood-patterned tiles are one of the most sought-after bedroom floor tile designs. Wooden tiles offer an earthy and natural texture to the floors, bringing a rustic outdoor feel to your bedroom. What’s more? These tiles can complement any bedroom décor style. They blend in as easily with minimalistic décor styles as with imperial interior décor. Wooden tiles come in vintage plank looks, modernistic square patterns, large rectangular fittings, and diamond designs. Also available in various effects and patterns, like chevron, teak wood, regular wood, etc. These tiles incorporate a splendidly soothing vibe to the interiors, making sure your bedroom remains a place of rest.

2.       The Vibrant Mosaic Experience

Mosaic tiles are ideal picks for bringing a pop of colour to any bedroom. Characterised by brightly luminescent and radiant shades, mosaiced bedroom floor tile designs offer a charming mix of liveliness and style. These tiles blend in with contemporary bedroom décor pieces to elevate the overall look with an energetic vibe. One can choose from small square-shaped mosaic tiles, hexagonal mosaic patterns or geometric mosaic tiles. The patterns of mosaic tiles can range from abstract designs to defined sceneries or portrait mosaics that can add a much-needed uniqueness to the interiors of any bedroom.

3.       The Regal Touch of Marble

The luxe appeal of marbled floors can never get old. However, natural marble floors require regular polishing and maintenance, becoming a tad bit inconvenient to use in modern homes. This is where marbled floor tiles come to the rescue! Easy to clean and maintain, these sophisticated yet simple floor tiles bring together the regal beauty of marble with the modern cuts of tiles. Perfect for imparting a refined, elegant, and magnificent charm to the bedroom, marble-effect floor tiles make ideal choices for contemporary bedroom floor tile designs. Marble patterned floor tiles are available in various colours with gradient streaks and veins that offer a luxe uplift to modern bedroom décor styles.

4.       The Soft Feel of the Carpet

Carpet tiles are, perhaps, one of the most innovative bedroom floor tile designs in modern times. Carpet floor tiles eradicate the need for natural carpets and rugs, making them cost-effective choices for modern-day homes. These new-age tiles are available in numerous patterns and shapes mixed and matched to create an ideal interior space. The vast range of prints available ensures that one can transform their bedroom in any décor style. Be it rustic, refined, ethnic or extravagant, and there is a carpet tile to match these interiors. One can add a specific pattern to highlight certain areas of the room for enhanced appeal. Carpet tile patterns can also be arranged to reflect the underlying personality of the homeowner.

5.       The Embrace of Sleek and Simple

Simple bedroom floor tile designs go a long way in enhancing the overall charisma of any bedroom. Solid porcelain floor tiles, concrete-patterned floor tiles and brick-effect floor tiles are some of the original patterns that one can choose from. These tiles make sure that your modern bedroom décor is complemented with ease without venturing too far from quintessential tiling looks. The simple and easy-going patterns offer an effortless boost to modern bedrooms. You can match these tiles with minimalistic and intricate bedroom styles to bring about a polished grace.

With changing times, traditional flooring options have given way to modernistic floor tiles to play up their magic and convert houses into lovely homes that exude warmth and cosiness. Explore the above-mentioned bedroom floor tile designs to transform homes into modern abodes that reflect personalities.

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