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Five Important Facts That You Should Know About Wooden Tiles for Bedroom

Five Important Facts That You Should Know About Wooden Tiles for Bedroom

Published on 24 May 2021, 05:17:14 AM


The flooring in any home is as essential as the foundation. It has a functional need that also helps to enhance the interiors of your home. Therefore, it’s pretty necessary to choose the right flooring for your abode. Granite, marble, and wood are common choices for flooring; however, floor tiles, especially wooden tiles for the bedroom, have recently gained popularity. The wide variety of patterns available in floor tiles offers a plethora of options to choose from. You can also find floor tiles that mimic the patterns of marble, concrete, and wood. So, if you want to revamp your home, why not go with wooden tiles for the bedroom, dining room or living? Recommended by interior designers and architects alike, wooden floor tiles come with numerous advantages.


1. Nature in Every Piece

Bring nature home with wooden tiles for the bedroom! Wooden floor tiles are intricately designed to imitate the natural look of wooden floors, making sure your interiors are elevated with a high-end appeal. Wooden tiles for the bedroom have a unique production process. They follow an imprinting process, where high-definition pictures of original wood grain are printed onto the surface of tiles. Some manufacturers also use a sectional printing process to ensure that no two tiles are the same, offering a more natural look. Thus, different wooden patterns can be achieved with ease bringing a distinctive designer look to the wooden tiles for the bedroom. You can find wooden floor tiles in oak patterns, mahogany effects, teak grain, ebony pattern, and cedar effects.


2. Resilient to The Core

Another essential fact to know about wooden tiles for bedrooms – They are resilient with a passion. These floor tiles are tough, durable, and resistant to damage. Original wooden plank flooring or sheeting tend to get scratches and scrapes quite quickly, taking away the lustre from your bedroom flooring. It makes your floor look unappealing. In case you have young kids or pets at home, this issue increases manifold. However, wooden floor tiles and wooden tiles for the bedroom are forged using rigid material that doesn’t yield to rough use. It has a stronger inlay than natural wood flooring, ensuring that the floors in your home look as impressive as ever for years to come.

3. No Skid Zone

Do you often wonder why using wooden floor tiles is any different from natural wooden floors? Wooden sheeting is quite slippery since they are constructed by polishing and sanding the surface with wood wax. This makes the wooden surface extremely smooth, without any form of friction. So, if you are rushing along or walking with wet feet on these floors, chances are, you’ll slip and fall. However, wooden tiles for the bedroom don’t need to be polished to maintain a glossy appearance, making them anti-skid in nature. These tiles are built to provide a good amount of friction, thereby making them skid-free. Thus, using wooden floor tiles is a safe option if you want to stay safe and have gorgeous floors at the same time.

4. A Stainless Wonder

Wooden floor tiles are resistant to staining. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that glass of spilt red wine while hosting a dinner or the sketch pen marks your little one has been making all over the floor. Any stains on wood-effect floor tiles and the wooden tiles for the bedroom can be wiped off in a swipe. All you need is a piece of wet cloth. Stains on natural wooden flooring, on the other hand, is challenging to get rid of, leaving behind an unattractive look. Thus, wooden floor tiling serves as an ideal option if you want clean-looking floors.

5. Minimal Maintenance

Your wooden floor needs regular polishing and maintenance to keep its natural look intact. Avoiding regular cleaning of wooden floors causes them to look dull, old and lacklustre. These floors also need waxing and sanding at regular intervals to prevent chipping at the edges. In other words – wooden floors are high-maintenance. However, this is not the case with wooden floor tiles. Wooden tiles for bedroom, living room, or dining room require minimum upkeep to keep them looking new and glossy. Just some regular wiping and your wooden tiles will stay as fresh as ever!


These facts about wooden floor tiles will help you to make the right choice when choosing to floor for your home. Keep these points in mind the next time you go out in search of the perfect floor to enrich your interiors.

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