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Floor Design Ideas To Go With All Types Of Interiors

Floor Design Ideas To Go With All Types Of Interiors

Published on 28 July 2021, 08:01:20 PM

Floors are the most important part of your house. When thinking of interior design ideas for your house, equal attention must be paid to flooring to make your home a perfect place to live. The right flooring is important for a welcoming and charming home. We have curated a list of all-time favourite interior design ideas that includes traditional flooring options like marbles and granite
and also modular flooring options that are easy to install & extremely durable.

Fumed Wood Flooring

Rich dark tones and enhanced natural grains of wood give a luxurious look to the home and also bodes well with any type of interior design idea. This lends a subtle beauty to the wood and also makes your home stand out from others.


Vintage Black & White

Black and white tiles with bold graphics not only make a strong statement but also look great with all kinds of interior design ideas. It’s a perfect blend of vintage and contemporary styles. You can add your unique twist by using modern designs. 


Graphic Tiles

Why not use your floors as an art canvas? Artful patterns that also match your personality and the overall interior design of your home are something that everyone desires. You can create an endless variety of images on tiles using advanced technology. You can opt for interior design ideas for your floors in monographic colours or go for bold multicoloured patterns. 


Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring tile solutions offer more design versatility than others. They are available in the looks of wood, brick, and many other patterns. They are affordable and also provide your home the much-needed elegance. This is a durable option that is available in a wide variety of options.


Marble Flooring

A fancy option that is traditional and goes well with all kinds of interior design ideas. It gives your home a luxurious look and lasts for generations. They are ideal for the entire home as they do not get affected by water or heat and are easy to clean as well. You will find marbles in different price ranges and also in a variety of designs to complement the interiors of your home.


Granite Flooring

Granite is loved by homeowners across the world. It gives more sheen to any space and like marbles, goes well with all kinds of interior design ideas. Certain parameters like moisture levels, movement frequency, and slip resistance must be taken care of before granites are installed. You will have options of flamed, polished, and brushed granites to select from. 

Inlay Design Flooring

You can also experiment by creating some inlay designs that complement your interior design. You can use elements of wood, steel, bronze, or stone to create different patterns across your house. These inlay designs can be created on marble or granite floors. 


Stone Polymer Composite Tiles

Click N Lock tiles is a flagship product of Welspun. It’s built with stone polymer composite and comes with a unique Wel-lock technology that enables easy installation and can be laid on the existing floor within a day. These tiles are light in weight and have high endurance compared to regular tiles. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of finishes to match your interiors.


Checkout The Welspun Range

Check out our full range of flooring solutions at www.welspunflooring.com. Our products include Click N Lock tiles, Carpet Tiles, Wall to Wall Carpets & Greens (Artificial Grass Flooring). They are manufactured in one of the world’s most advanced facilities equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the global safety and sustainability standards.

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