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Interior Design Ideas to Give Your Home a Modern Look

Interior Design Ideas to Give Your Home a Modern Look

Published on 27 August 2021, 07:26:28 AM

There is  nothing like a stunningly built home with modern interior design elements that render it a chic look making it perfect for contemporary living. Imagine minimal furniture, modish elements, an open kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, relaxing bathroom, cosy living space, and then a rough and heavy flooring all around. Did the rough flooring prick your bubble of imagination? Indeed, it did.

Flooring in your home is one of the most predominantly visible elements, thus it dictates the vibe of your space. Elegant flooring tops the list of all the modern interior design ideas out there. Let's dive deep into this epiphany and discover what kind of modern interior design tiles the market has in store for you to add dimensions to your space. 

Jumping directly to the point, CNL tiles from Welspun come with the innovative Wel-Lock technology and are the revolution in the flooring industry. Along with its aesthetic look (that we will cover in detail in the latter part of the blog), CNL tiles are the most consumer-friendly and durable flooring in the market currently. It can be laid down in your home with minimal effort and expertise in less than a day. CNL tiles consist of the stone polymer composite core, which acts as a binding agent and gives the tile best in class strength. This mixture also renders waterproof and UV resistant capacity to the tiles.

If we consider the looks of the modern interior design tiles, CNL tiles are very thin and light, giving your home a modern interior design. They are incredibly durable and come with superior cushion backing technology that provides acoustic absorption and reduces the tapping sound.

CNL tiles broadly come in three exquisite collections. Each of them has its unique aptness to go with the modern interior design of your home. Let's find more about these modern interior design wonders.

The Aristo Collection

The Aristo collection is a work of the finest craftsmen and carries a luxurious appeal with it. This collection is perfect for someone who doesn't want to settle for anything less than intricate elegance. The CNL tiles in the Aristo collections are best known for their charming stone and wooden finishes, which have the richness and feel of natural wood and stone.

The Eden Collection

The gorgeous tiles in the Eden collection transform the whole aura and fuse with your modern interior design. This collection has a wide range of precisely crafted modern interior designs with versatile wooden finishes. And, if you want to put your foot on the sublime flooring, then these tiles are the one for you!

The Bliss Collection

This delightful collection of modern interior design tiles admirably stands true to its name. Made with utmost exquisiteness, these CNL tiles do wonders to your eyes and home. Let the magnificence of wood and stone envelop your interior’s floor in its truest sense. Add bliss to your modern interior design and never go out of style!

Apart from CNL tiles, there are three more types of flooring that can definitely render a modern look to your abode. Following is a short description: 

Wall-to-Wall Carpets are a flawless blend of luxury and grace and are undoubtedly unlike anything you've ever seen before. Let your guests experience a warm and grand entry every time they walk into your living room! 

Carpet tiles are the tiles you should look out for if you are looking for aesthetic, modern, and highly functional tiles which look good for modern interior design ideas for your home. Made with the highest quality yarn, carpet tiles are resistant to staining and fading even in the long run. This flooring has such a sophisticated feel and works wonders to intricately define your space in a unique way.

Make your home stand out with these gorgeous and durable modern interior design floorings from Welspun today, because why not? 

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