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Floor Tile Colour & Designs That Go Well With White Kitchen

Floor Tile Colour & Designs That Go Well With White Kitchen

Published on 28 July 2021, 08:34:15 PM

White is a colour that appeals differently to our senses. It has a minimal effect that makes any place look spacious and classic. White is a neutral colour that works for all styles. If you have narrowed down your option of having white kitchen floor tiles, you have made the right choice. However, you need to make sure that the other aspects of the kitchen include the white kitchen floor tiles. You need to create a harmony between the white kitchen floor tiles that screams wow to everyone who takes a look at it. There is a myriad of options available out there that go well with white kitchen floor tiles. When picking kitchen floor tiles you must make sure that the floor meets the demands of the family and aligns with the overall decor of your home. We have shortlisted the best ones for you as follows -

Black & White Kitchen Floor Tiles

You can create a dapper image with a mix of black and white kitchen floor tiles. They are elevating, mesmerizing and add an instant appeal to your kitchen. It not only creates a unique atmosphere but is a hit with everyone hesitant with trendiness. There are options of multiple patterns that could be used to create some fantastic-looking floors.

Wood Effect Tiles

A great way to add warmth to your white kitchen is with wood effect tiles. They mimic real wood flooring, add texture to your space and provide a durable surface. You can create different laying patterns like printed knots and grains, use matching grout colours to create a realistic look. They are also water-resistant which makes them the ideal choice for a kitchen floor.

Concrete Effect Tiles

A mid-toned flooring is perfect for a white kitchen and nothing beats grey concrete colour tiles to create this effect. This is a great option if you are looking for a minimalist finish. 

Blue Floor Tiles

Create an oceanic look by pairing your white kitchen with blue tiles. A perfect combination for a modern kitchen floor. You can opt for dual coloured tiles, solid dark blue, or patterned blue tiles. 

Black and Charcoal Grey Slate Floor Tiles

Another great combination with contemporary white kitchen floor tiles would be black and charcoal grey slate tiles. They are not only extremely hard-wearing but also have a beautiful colour and finish. Slate is not as porous as other natural stones which makes them perfect for a busy family kitchen. 

Classic Herringbone Pattern

It’s a perfect combination of white kitchen floor tiles. You can get an elegantly consistent look through the well-laid-out geometric pattern in dark colours. It lends an interesting visual play by adding a depth to your white kitchen that you do not get with standard floor tiles. Tiles are your best option to create this pattern as they are cheap and durable.

Hexagonal Pattern Tiles

One of the latest trending kitchen tiles is the hexagon pattern tiles. Dark hexagon tiles with white kitchen floor tiles are a treat for the eyes. 

Welspun Has A Great Range Of Options for Kitchen Flooring

Welspun is the market leader in flooring tiles space. We have a great range of options to meet your kitchen flooring needs. Our options range from stone polymer composite tiles in finishes like stone, wood, or vogue in a wide range of patterns including some of those mentioned above. Our products are trusted by experts and certified by internationally accepted institutions. Our Click N Lock range of tiles comes with the Wel-Lock technology which has an anti-fade UV finishing, wear layer, a rigid core, and cushion backing. These features make Welspun Click N Lock the preferred choice for kitchen flooring.

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