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Get All Details Of 2X2 Floor Tiles

Get All Details Of 2X2 Floor Tiles

Published on 09 September 2021, 03:19:55 PM

With so many options of flooring available in the market, it can be confusing and even stressful to make a selection of the perfect flooring solutions to go with. It can be very expensive as well if you do not know all the options well. In this post, we want to share all the options available to help you make a more appropriate decision as to the best 2x2 floor tiles solution out there. 

Marble 2x2 Floor Tiles

Marble tiles have a stunning look and are one of the most luxurious forms of flooring. These are expensive as well as a good amount of labour cost is involved in quarrying and finishing marble tiles. 

Granite 2x2 Floor Tiles

Granite tiles are again in the luxury segment of all flooring options. These cost more or less equal to marble floor tiles and have a similar appeal. The costs depend on the quarrying and also the rarity of the colors of the stone.

Porcelain 2x2 Floor Tiles

These tiles are sturdy and at times, even harder than natural materials like granite. Pricing varies quite a bit depending on the colors, size, and usage of the floor tiles. These are however more affordable compared to natural stone tiles.

Ceramic 2x2 Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles are also available in a wide range of options depending on the quality. The more porous ones which are low in quality are cheaper whereas better quality ceramic tiles tend to be a bit more expensive.

Vitrified 2x2 Floor Tiles

These are the least absorbent when compared to other varieties such as ceramic and terracotta. These are sturdy as well and are ideal for high foot traffic areas. Pricing depends on the quality but is more or less in the same range as ceramic and porcelain. You can however get more expensive ones that are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant.

Concrete 2x2 Floor Tiles

These are durable and practically require no maintenance at all. These are one of the cheapest options out there however it is mostly suitable for outdoor flooring only.

Mosaic 2x2 Floor Tiles

These are generally made of cement with glass, marble, and other stone chipped in them. These are not easy options as casting has to be done on-site. Hence they are slightly more expensive when compared to concrete floor tiles.

Stone Polymer Composite 2x2 Floor Tiles

We believe that stone polymer composite tiles, especially our range of Click N Lock® tiles, are the most modern flooring solutions out there. Click N Lock tiles are almost 20% cheaper than traditional forms of flooring and also come with lots of advantages over any other form of flooring solution. A few of the great advantages of the Click N Lock range of tiles are as follows -


  • These are most durable because of their limestone and polymer composition which adds to the strength of the tiles.

  • They have a very high impact resistance compared to all traditional forms of flooring that are prone to chipping and breakage.

  • They are waterproof, flame-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

  • You will find many finishes along with stone, wood, and vogue with the latest and state-of-the-art designs.

  • These tiles can be installed on existing floors as well. Further, installations can be completed in less than a day.

Apart from the above advantages, Click N Lock tiles have been approved for their quality by international organizations such as Floorscore, US Green Building Council, among others. You will not find such great quality 2x2 floor tiles at a reasonable price anywhere else. 

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