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Get The Best Interior Design Ideas From Welspun

Get The Best Interior Design Ideas From Welspun

Published on 04 May 2022, 11:30:52 AM

Creating ambiance in a home goes beyond what meets the eye. Taking a room and making it stylish, functional, and homely is harder than it seems. There are so many aspects to consider while working on your house interior design such as choosing the right paint and lighting for a room, placement of furniture, etc.

Whether you're remodelling an entire house or upgrading the kitchen or adding a splash of colour to your living room, all these factors are worth checking out. Creating an impressive interior design that makes a first good impression on your guests is something every homeowner wants to achieve, as it is a lovely feeling when your guests admire and complement the design and decor of your house.

We are sharing some of our insider design tips and tricks on how to transform your home like a professional and ace this interior design quest.

1. Create a Mood Board: Bring your interior design back to life by creating a mood board for your house's interior design ideas. You can start by collecting inspirational images from books and magazines and saving home decor pictures from Pinterest. After collecting enough references you will figure out the vibe you want to go for or try to create. You can also collect a sample of fabrics, and wallpapers with different colours and textures, pin it all together and create a cohesive mood board that will be an inspiration for your house interior design project.

2. Personalise it: Your home is where you belong. Everyone can design their own homes. It's just a matter of having an eye for it. The right eye is important to get the decor and design right. It's always important to remember you're in control, considering the latest trends are worthwhile but put your touch on it to make it your own. Home is where you spend most of your time, so your space should reflect your personality.

3. Swatches of Paint and Paper: Buy sample pots and paint so you can see how colours may vary based on the lighting. It is especially effective for finding the best white paint because it changes so much in the light. You can also hang returnable wallpaper samples over existing furniture or drape them over existing curtains and blinds to see how they look in the sun. Take a look and see what you think and make the changes to your house interior accordingly.

4. The Transformation From Old to New: When you have a blank canvas it's easier, but more often than not, we are working with existing furniture. Look at your existing pieces of furniture carefully such as those rugs or your sofa, check the colours on them and see if they have any updates, if yes, plan how you will reupholster your furniture pieces. Decide based on your choices from plain and simple to colourful and modern. The colour wheel comes in handy when you are trying to mix and match the colour of the rest of your home design along with the fabrics and upholstery.

5. Size Up or Down Your Furniture: This is a handy interior design trick. Many designers will recommend this from time to time. Size up or size down your furniture depending on the space available to you. For eg, if you have a smaller space at your disposal then you should invest in one statement piece of furniture that stands out. It could be a sofa or just the headboard in your bedroom.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Smell: Smell is one of the senses that influences us and helps us correlate with a particular environment. One very important house decor hack is to influence the sense of smell by adding some kind of fragrance to your home. The beauty of this is that you can create your personalised smell. If you love fresh flowers then you can add them to beautiful vases, not only will it enhance the decor but also spread fragrance. Alternatively, you could also consider aromatic candles, potpourri, air fresheners, and diffusers where you can blend different essential oils to give you your signature scent.

7. Outdoor Area: This area is often ignored but try and convert it into a cosy nook. Depending on the space available to you, you can try multiple ways in which you can amp up your balcony design. Consider adding fairy lights, chair swings with cosy throws, and cushions to make it that perfect Instagram-worthy balcony. You can also add artificial grass from the greens range offered by Welsun flooring to add freshness to your outdoor space.

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