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Gorgeous Living Room Interior Design Ideas that will blow your mind

Gorgeous Living Room Interior Design Ideas that will blow your mind

Published on 18 April 2022, 09:19:04 AM

The living room is a common space where most social gathering happens. It is one of the most utilized spaces in one’s home. Whether you want to relax in your spot after a long day or attend to guests, or simply watch TV, the living room is the space where you will be. Since we spend so much time in this room, ensuring that the living room interior design is up to the mark is of high priority.

Unlike other rooms in the house, where one can design the room interior as per their wish, living room interior design is an amalgamation of ideas from every or most members of that particular household, especially for an Indian home decor style.

From a sleek minimalistic design to traditional Indian living room decor or bold colorful designs, mentioned below are certain living room home interior design ideas that will blow your mind:

  • Add swings: Swings are one thing which is loved by most people and incorporating this in your living room is nothing less than dreamy. Whether it is getting cosy with a warm cup of tea or adding one to the corner of the living room, it plays a great role, especially in an Indian living room setting. The best thing about adding swings is that we save so much space underneath that we can add rugs to further enhance the living room interiors.
  • Go Vintage: Purchasing furniture or home essentials from a thrift store, second-hand shop, or on eBay is sure to save you a lot of money while adding a unique design angle to your home. You will not only get your hands on some of the most beautiful looking furniture pieces but some will be made of great quality too. You can revamp this furniture by changing the wood polish or colour of the piece.
  •  Going Bold with Colours: Monochromatic tones are something we have been trying for a while now, but this year calls for going a little bold by adding some colour to your living room interior design which will become a conversation starter. Adding some colour can be achieved by choosing a coloured wall or coloured wallpaper. Welspun Flooring has such a massive range of Click-N-Lock tiles that will not only spoil you for choice but will also help you create a bold colourful space for your living room with extreme ease.
  • Natural light: Since this place is the most used in a home, ensure that you have enough seepage of natural light in the living room to add a certain level of freshness and openness to the space.
  • Gallery wall: A gallery wall is created using photographs, posters, prints, photo frames creatively arranged on a wall. This is a great way of adding some life to the living room. You can add pictures of family members in decorative photo frames along with posters to adorn the walls.
  • Bring the Outdoors In:  In the last two years, we have only witnessed the need to connect more with the outside and there is no better way to achieve this than striking a balance between the indoors and the outdoors. You can change certain elements in the living room that align with that mood. One of the best ways to do this is by using Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring which have so many natural-looking tiles that they will immediately help to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. For your balcony, you can install artificial grass from the Greens range offered by Welspun flooring which will immediately spruce up your balcony.
  • Highlighting the room with decor pieces: Small pieces like a vase, candles, candle stand, aroma diffusers, mirrors, statues, potpourri are certain elements that help highlight the room while adding aroma as well. For example, if you have gone with a traditional look for your living room interior with a lot of earthy colours you can opt for metallic (golden) decor pieces to add highlights to your living room.
  • There's nothing like too many plants: Plants add that extra sense of freshness to your home. They not only make great house decor elements but also have a therapeutic effect on one's mind. The addition of plants to any corner of your home will also invite positive energy. Combining this with a variety of planters can completely transform your home. From hanging planters to indoor air purifying plants, there is a huge range to select from.

The above-mentioned ideas are great for adding to your living room interior. Don’t forget to check out products from Welspun Flooring that will add further charm to your home interior decor. Ranging from Click-N-Lock tiles to their carpet tiles they have so many options and variations that you will spoilt for choice. It is easy on your budget, low maintenance, and the installation is taken care of by the Welspun team which makes a must-have product for your home makeover journey.

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