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Must have Carpet tile ideas for your living room Interior Design

Must have Carpet tile ideas for your living room Interior Design

Published on 27 December 2021, 04:28:25 AM

Gone are the days when flooring used to be an afterthought of your whole interior design project. It, in fact, has swapped positions as first thought. The importance of good flooring cannot really be emphasised. It’s more like a wall now - a fifth wall that greatly affects the interior design of your space. Visualizing it this way makes it easy for one to think of creative ideas to make the whole space brighter, glamorous, or totally unique to their style.  

But if you are thinking, can flooring options really be this awesome? Then yes is the answer. The new-age Carpet Tiles are just perfect to complement the creative side in you for a beautiful and long-lasting interior design. 

One of the best things about Carpet Tiles is its placement versatility. The ideas with this flooring type are limitless. You can play around with different sizes and colors to make a unique combination that adds major personality to your interior design. 

Bold and neutral hues for professional vibes:

For professional areas, bold and neutral colors arranged neatly steal the interior design show with their inherent trait to speak the tone of confidence. Carpet Tiles from Welspun Flooring are especially preferred in workspaces due to their plush and sophisticated look mingled with the best-in-class sound absorption properties that help in boosting productivity at the workplace. 

The modern Carpet Tiles Flooring has the power to revamp a regular workspace to a classy one. When used innovatively, these tiles are a classic choice for a beautiful interior design. Another utility point to add here is the ease and durability factor - made from the finest quality yarn, the carpet Tiles from Welspun flooring are highly durable and very much resistant to staining and fading. 

Playful mix-and-match, especially for your kid’s room

Carpet Tiles can very much be used to create a playful interior design when used creatively. Use a combination of red and yellow or some other pastel shades available to create fun flooring designs in different shapes such as hexagonal, a combination of small and big rectangles, and much more. Just make sure to make it something that infuses brightness into your interior design to keep your kids happy and peppy always! 

Also, another plus point here is that, unlike hard floorings such as granite and marble, Carpet Tiles serve as a warmer and more comfortable option for your interior design. Moreover, these tiles trap less dirt and are thus good for indoor air quality because they are a lower pile. 

Appealing to the eyes, just for your bedroom 

Sometimes just one quality or a particular feature of something makes us fall in love with it - in the case of carpet tiles, it’s just the way it makes the whole interior design stand out like nothing else. The chic look, the underfoot feeling, the easy maintenance, among other things! 

Express your creativity in a dramatic style with the beautiful, exquisite Carpet Tiles options to adorn your bedroom interior design in a heavenly way. Pay attention to small details such as the style of your furniture, the patterns on your ceiling, and choose to complement the flooring accordingly. If you have always chosen light shades, then you can try experimenting with small patches of bold colors and create a beautiful pattern there. Another way to elevate the bedroom interior design is to create gorgeous and cozy corners with a defined flooring design. Also, note that apart from being beautiful, these tiles are also anti-viral in nature, thus making your space a safe zone! 

Welspun Flooring offers a wide range of exquisite designs in Carpet Tiles flooring that will surely elevate your interior design and sweep you off your feet! From practical benefits such as durability to aesthetical features such as striking shades, the Carpet Tiles collection at Welspun Flooring offers unmatched options in multiple designs, colors, and sizes for a beautiful interior design. No matter the floor, the Carpet Tiles collection offers something different while the quality remains consistently unparalleled.

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