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Here are some tips for a fab dream home renovations

Here are some tips for a fab dream home renovations

Published on 17 June 2022, 12:27:02 PM

If you have been living in your current home for many years, it may be time to get it renovated. Home renovations are inevitable. Whether it is to fix issues that have become glaringly apparent, or you simply wish to upgrade your rooms, dream home renovations are worth the investments. They allow you to transform your living space into a more enjoyable abode. Plus, you can also include your wish list items that you have been dreaming of for many years. All you need is to properly plan your dream home renovation project well in advance to avoid expensive hiccups and get the biggest bang for your buck.

In this article, we have rounded the best tips for a fabulous dream home renovation that can make your property stand out from the rest. 

Fix Up the Exterior

Often, our dream home renovations tend to focus on the interior décor of various rooms inside our house while the exterior gets neglected. Don’t commit this blunder. If the outdoor of your house is uninviting, there is a good chance it may spoil your first impression in front of your guests. Think of making the most of your home’s exterior by fixing up the porch and maintaining the landscape around. Hanging a few container plants from your porch’s ceiling can further accentuate the dreamy look of your house.

Get Fancy Flooring

Based on the floor space and your house’s architecture, choose the floor tiles for your dream home renovation that tie harmoniously with the interior style you have in mind. For instance, ceramic tiles gel exceptionally well with a modern style interior. Whereas, for a country or rustic-styled home, earthy terracotta tiles can work wonders. Each room in your house has different foot traffic which means choosing the same tiles for every room isn't advisable. Our Click-N-Lock tiles range comes in countless colors, shades, and patterns, leaving you spoilt for choice. With its advanced technology, it can be easily installed in your homes in less than a day. Get in touch with Welspun Flooring to know more about our Click-N-Lock tiles range.

Make Room for Laundry

Washing machines and dryers take up a lot of storage space. Parking them in the corridor next to your bathrooms blocks a lot of the space and also makes it look untidy. If you have some unused space, creating a dedicated and functional laundry space with ample storage can make your home look neat and uncluttered. This dream home renovation can add a touch of sophistication to your home while helping you stay tidy.

Let the Light In

Every dream home renovation project should pay special attention to the lighting in the house. With strategic lighting, you can enhance the look and feel of your interiors. Pick the right combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting for functional illumination. For instance, cascading lights can create a focal point in your vertical space whereas bedside lamps can give you ambient lighting. 

Rework Your Home Office

Having a private workspace doesn’t feature in the dream home renovation list of many homeowners. But, if the past year has taught us anything, a home office can be quite advantageous to have. If you have an unused corner in your living space, you can transform it into a fun office with smart redesigning. Don’t forget to invest in comfortable furniture and fresh curtains to set the tone for the room. 

That’s A Wrap!

Investing money for your dream home renovation is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. So, put your creative cap on and plan your home improvement to take the aesthetics of your space to the next level.

If you are looking to restyle the flooring as part of your dream home renovation plan, we at Welspun Flooring will be happy to serve you. Have a look at our wide range of tiling options to add more visual interest to your floors. From Greens and Carpet Tiles to our Click-N-Lock tiles range options, you will be spoilt for choice. We offer the latest designs in different textures, patterns, colors, and shades to make your dream home renovation a success. Our flooring options are hassle-free to install and easy to maintain as they are scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and stain-resistant.

To know which flooring option would be the best fit for your dream home renovation, give us a call TODAY!

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