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Home Interior Decor That Will Leave An Impression On Your Guests

Home Interior Decor That Will Leave An Impression On Your Guests

Published on 20 May 2022, 12:13:30 PM

Several predict a surge in brown, a warm, earthy colour, to be displayed in fabric like leather or even on walls (how ancient Rome would be). Yet others predict an increase in natural surfaces and accents-think marbles and mushrooms-while others say clients are seeking more contemporary designs.

Any piece or element of interior design that feels warm, inviting, and airy is in. Clients are demanding warmth, comfort, and airiness from current and past projects.

Then there is the overarching reality that our homes have become the main setting of our lives: where we work, relax, and socialize. Every corner, and every object we surround ourselves with, must serve a purpose.

A few popular interior design trends of the last few years are falling by the wayside. Boucle is no more, as is the all-white minimalism, a look that may look cool but isn't comfortable. The trend heading the way of the past is the all-white palette where there's no visual balance.

Keeping all these points in mind we have curated a list of interior design ideas from a dream home makeover that will be impressive not only to you but also to your guests.

  • Colourful kitchen

Traditionally, interior design choices have been driven by countering instability and uncertainty - comforting neutrals and cosy soft furnishings to cocoon ourselves. However, as we begin to emerge with a feeling of hope and optimism for the future, bright colour palettes will pop up. Colours are being added to kitchens too - they are no longer confined to neutrals, blues, or greens, but are breaking out into a broader spectrum with colourful stoves and AGAs, painted walls, accessories and splashbacks.

 Designers use multiple shades of cabinets in their kitchens, making them stand out from high and low-level furniture and kitchen islands. At the same time, they alternate between multiple shades for the cabinets to create a contemporary and playful space.

By championing joyful colours you will also become more experimental with print and pattern designs, explains the author. 'As we move on a journey of self-discovery, we are becoming more confident in our personal style choices, embracing patterns and embracing colour'.


  • Statement lights

Lighting will be reframed as decorative objects in 2022, as we see a crossover between function and fashion. Statement lighting can highlight homes while also serving as art. Many people have already begun searching for statement lighting.

Statement lights are a must-have now and they are sure to become the focal point or centre of the conversation between your guest and you.


  • Sustainability

Recent years have seen an increase in awareness and use of sustainable materials for house decor. As people's awareness of climate change has grown, the idea of sustainability has permeated the interior industry and our homes. We must move towards sustainable furniture buying. We are certainly seeing a shift towards more conscious choices in materials or in extending the usefulness of everyday objects rather than buying more things. It has been observed that a growing number of millennials and Gen Z shoppers are embracing the conscious buying trend, with second-hand furniture and homeware predicted to become a preferred resource for them


  • Upcycle & DIY projects

Low-waste living and upcycling are at the heart of a mindful home, and we have seen a rise in upcycling that's sure to continue - from people sewing and getting creative with old clothes, to making patio furniture out of pallets.

Homeowners are choosing to complete a variety of home improvement tasks themselves, and younger generations have taken on the mantle of the DIY nation. Homeowners are choosing to complete a variety of home improvement tasks themselves, and younger generations have taken on the mantle of the DIY nation.

  • Bohemian vibes

This design style is set to continue its dominance. The Bohemian trend is all about The Good Life, drawing inspiration from the countryside with its lush meadows and wildflowers. It strives to embody an idyllic country setting through floral prints and patterns, chalk-painted surfaces, and woven accents.

It celebrates artisanal skills such as foraging and home baking and connects us with nature. It embraces sustainability by bringing the outdoors in. Pair this with Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring to add an extra dose of goodness factor in your house decor.


  • Earthy colours

The importance of our connection to nature and the world around us has never been greater - either during the pandemic, or after. After so much time spent indoors, we have come to appreciate how nature can rejuvenate and inspire us. We have seen a surge in searches online for home decor inspired by earthy colour tones such as greens and browns which are inspired by nature. Natural tones will be evident in our interior decor through the use of plants, timber, and terracotta, as well as green and brown velvet sofas, sage or olive painted walls or jute textured rugs.

If these colours get too daunting you can simply opt for decor elements like prints, placemats, and decor accessories in these shades to decorate your home. While you are on the home interior design journey, be sure to check out the flooring products offered by Welspun floorings such as the carpet and the Click-N-Lock tiles which are a conversation starter.

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