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Home Remodelling Ideas You Should Explore Without Fail

Home Remodelling Ideas You Should Explore Without Fail

Published on 20 May 2022, 09:18:34 AM

There is nothing better than renovating a new space to add more value to your property. Whether you are reselling your house or buying one you are eager to personalize, chances are you will embark upon a home remodeling project.

Therefore, you will have a lot of considerations to make-not least of which are how to find a contractor, how to minimize costs, and how to turn that Pinterest vision board into reality.

With help and search from experts, we have curated a list of ideas to help you get started be it a complete kitchen makeover or bathroom redesigning we have got you covered. So while you are on this home makeover journey to make your space more functional or dreamy, this is your go-to list to refer to.

Here are a few home remodeling ideas which will help you get started:

  • Use the space under the stairs

If you are looking to work on your staircase through this home makeover journey then don't forget to ignore the area available under the staircase. That area can be utilised by turning it into storage by adding a few cabinets or a mini library can be created too. You can also make your study under the staircase which is now a need of the hour anyways. One idea is to also create a cosy nook like a reading secluded reading space. The whole idea is to optimally utilise the space.


  • Don't forget the outdoor area

The outside area, terrace or balcony of your home is as important as the inside space. While doing your home renovation don't forget to spruce up this place. Be sure to add elements like decor accents, waterfalls and good lighting to make it very welcoming for guests. Some simple method of upgrading your balcony design or outdoor area is by adding artificial grass. You can consider the Greens range from Welspun Flooring to suit this purpose. You can also add decor pieces that are colourful to look at to add more joy to the area. Hammocks, swings, comfortable seating, your favourite plants and windchimes are some easy ways to immediately brighten up this area.


  • Create more functionality

Whether you have a large space at your disposal or working with a small area it is very important to create more functionality in your home ensuring that no area or space is left unused or underutilized. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve more functionality for your home. Making use of your existing furniture is a great design and decor idea. For example, if you have a deck, adding a bar rail can create a niche bench for outdoor seating. If you're purchasing new furniture then you can look for options with inbuilt storage or for furniture pieces that have multipurpose use.


  • Upgrade your kitchen

One of the most significant areas in your home is your kitchen where your home kitchen renovation is a must. Add some life to the kitchen by adding a kitchen island or upgrading an existing one. Kitchen islands provide more counter space and extra storage. When additional seating is indeed around it, it can also turn into a mini dining table or bar table. Add some statement lighting above this island to highlight it further. Be sure to add electric fixtures and an in-built sink to make it more functional.


  • Change the flooring

Easiest and the quickest fix is working on your flooring. You might be wondering why I said easy and quick when it's quite the opposite usually. With Click-N-Lock Tiles from Welspun Flooring, your process does become much easier where you need not worry about the installation as their team looks into it. These tiles are available in a variety of patterns and are economical too which immediately uplifts the mood of your home design.


  • Focus on simple fixes and detailing work

It is important to show the little details of your home. Here are a few ideas for home remodelling that you should consider. Looking up the lighting, fixing the lighting in a home not only gives the home a new light but also shows how well the room is taken care of. Cleaning windows can also give a slick look. Work on those scratches and stains around your house on your textiles and sofa to make it look as good as new and retouch the chipped areas.

Whilst following these amazing tips and tricks be sure to check out the range of products from Welspun Flooring on this home makeover journey. They are sure to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your house design.

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