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House interior design ideas that inspire

House interior design ideas that inspire

Published on 17 June 2022, 12:31:21 PM

Deciding to renovate your home is the easiest step. But, building the house of your dreams can become quickly overwhelming with endless decisions and countless ideas to consider. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to renovate your entire house or simply upgrade an underutilized corner. Both the remodelling tasks require house interior design ideas to offer you some inspiration and make things easier. 

To help you create the house of your dreams, we have rounded up the top house interior design ideas that can take the aesthetics of your home to the next level. You can choose your house interior design ideas wisely to avoid unnecessary frustrations and expensive hurdles later on.

Make Creative Furniture Choices

Don't be that homeowner who takes the easy and boring way out when it comes to getting creative with furniture choices. You don't have to snag matching furniture set for your living room. A great house interior design idea would be to go mix and match to create a space that agrees with the overall vibe of the house. For instance, throw in a few ottomans with your sofa and side tables to make your space look professionally curated.

Segment Your Space

Before you start choosing the perfect house interior design ideas for your living space, we suggest you get a sense of your home’s layout. Do you have an extremely large hall? Why not segment it into smaller spaces to utilize the area well? You can have a separate intimate seating area, an activity area and a dining area. The separate spaces can allow you to host guests for a house party without it feeling too crowded.

Get Stylish Flooring

When you are contemplating house interior design ideas, don’t forget to consider the colour of the floors. The design, pattern and colour of tiles you choose for your floors help you create a cohesive look for the whole living space. You will need to see how different colours will work together and how they will look in different lighting conditions. Lastly, remember, the foot traffic in each room varies. So, choose the ideal floor tiles after careful consideration. Have a look at our Click-N-Lock tiles range to elevate the look and feel of your home to the next level.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

Getting playful with your house interior design ideas doesn't mean you only focus on bold prints and vibrant colour schemes. It also involves adding a touch of luxury and glamour in the least expected places. Most homeowners have white tiles adorning their bathroom walls and floors and there is nothing extraordinary about it. You can invest in quality bathroom fixtures such as showerheads, bathtubs, faucets, taps and sinks to add class and sophistication to your bathrooms.

Add Some Indoor Plants

Moving a part of nature indoors is becoming the latest house interior design idea. All of us love plants. Not only do they add value to the visual appeal of space but they can also enhance your mood. Your indoor plants can also be used to purify the air you breathe and soften a space. Other organic elements such as wooden cabinets or hardwood flooring can further be accentuated in the presence of houseplants. Try this house interior design idea to add a pop of colour to your property. 


As you grow and evolve over the years, your home should replicate the same. Living in an outdated space can make your home less enjoyable. We hope these house interior design ideas could fuel your enthusiasm to give your home a refreshing makeover.

If you are looking to revamp your flooring, Welspun Flooring can take that stress off your shoulders. With our extensive range of tiling options, you are guaranteed to find products suited to your taste and budget. Our Click-N-Lock tiles range uses an advanced Wel-Lock mechanism which makes them easy to install on your floors. The tiles can be installed in less than a day, are highly durable and are easy to maintain. Have a look at our catalogue to see the latest designs and patterns in the colours and shades you want. 

Need help deciding? Give us a call and our sales team would be happy to help you choose the best flooring option to align with your overall house interior design idea.

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