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How to Renovate Your Home if You are on a Budget

How to Renovate Your Home if You are on a Budget

Published on 16 May 2022, 12:20:59 PM

The idea of a home makeover on a budget may seem impossible, but this simply is not true. Home decor and design can be made more individual and fun even when you are working with a tight budget. The best part about redecorating on a budget is that you feel you are in a new house altogether. When it comes to decorating on a budget, the key is to put your creative spin on even the cheapest materials. Originality and creativity can enliven even something low-cost to make it a stunning piece of home decor.

While you are on this home makeover on a budget journey, always keep your goals in mind as well as the outcome you aim for. Examine the existing materials that you have at your disposal and discard everything unnecessary, whether it's cookware, textiles, accessories, or furniture. Think of ways in which you might be able to use the items remaining with you to help you remodel the house to your taste. If necessary, alter the items that exist. Several of the projects we will mention below are so easy that even a beginner can handle them.


  • Start by working on your flooring

Working on the flooring of your house's interior design is the best way to change the complete outlook of your space. Now you must be thinking about the complexities of this task but you need not worry. This is where Welspun Flooring comes to the rescue. They have a range of Click-N-Lock tiles available which are easy to install, come in various designs, and are budget-friendly which eliminates all the hassle that comes with changing regular flooring.


  • Add plants

Easiest and the most cost-effective way to freshen up your home interiors is by adding plants. There are so many available in the market both indoor and outdoor that you can pick according to the space available at your disposal. If you’re free to try plants for your balcony then you could also consider installing artificial grass to make it feel more like a garden. Welspun Floorings' Greens range of artificial grass is a perfect addition to your balcony design.


  • Change your textiles

Cushion covers, bed sheets, curtains, table cloths, and throws are certain elements in your home interior design that can be changed easily without having to spend much. Change the colour, texture and design depending on the vibe you want to create for your home design. For eg, this year is all about earthy colours and being close to nature. If that is the theme you’re okay with pursuing then you must consider textile colours and prints that reflect the same.


  • DIY projects

The most budget-friendly way to spruce up your home is by getting creative. Try some crafting projects on your own to immediately level up your home decor. This option is beginner-friendly as well. All you have to do is get the right supplies and get crafting. Some examples that you can try are, re-decorate old chairs by painting in different colours, you can try doing this on other furniture pieces like the coffee table, kitchen cabinets, etc. Use contrasting shades of paint to make the furniture pieces stand out. 


  • Change the lighting 

Change the lighting in your house by making it more ambient to suit the mood of your home. You could also get statement lights which not only serve the purpose of lighting but also add on as home decor pieces. They are sure to be conversation starters with your guests.


  • Add mirrors 

When renovating a house, especially on a budget, in order to make it appear larger, mirrors are a beautiful and inexpensive way of making that happen. This element not only serves the purpose of home decor but also helps to reflect light which makes your space appear bigger. Mirrors and framed mirrors in different shapes and sizes can increase the decor appeal of your home.

Be sure to check out the range of flooring products offered by Welspun Flooring like the Click-N-Lock tiles and the carpet tiles for your budget home makeover to spruce up the interior design of your home by clicking here.

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