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How Much Does A Roll of Artificial Grass Cost & Why Is It Worth It

How Much Does A Roll of Artificial Grass Cost & Why Is It Worth It

Published on 18 June 2021, 11:44:04 AM

Less chaos, more beauty - that’s artificial grass and artificial grass tiles for you all. An increasing number of home and office owners have been appreciating the magic of artificial grass. It is an attractive go-to way of rejuvenating your spaces and adding an aesthetically pleasing appeal. More so because this green magic is as cost-effective as it can be. 

The feel of artificial grass tiles is not at all artificial, and that’s one of the many things to love about it. Artificial grass tiles are exquisitely built using highly resilient fibre that does not flatten and retains its soft and cushioned feel in all seasons for years. It can be installed anywhere from balconies, breakout zones in commercial areas, to open banquets and wedding lawns. 

Another great benefit that comes with installing artificial grass tiles in your spaces is that it makes your life easy. Unlike real grass, its upkeep requires no manual labour like mowing the grass, cleaning the soil (especially in rainy seasons), removing the weeds, adding pesticides, watering regularly, constant tension of insects and mosquitoes, and many more. And the hidden yet significant drawback behind all this is the miscellaneous cost for every little maintenance, which ultimately makes the prospect of having natural grass quite an expensive affair. 

Now that we have reminded you of the upper hand artificial grass tiles come with, it’s time to directly dive into the financial side of the picture. Let’s see how much does a roll of artificial grass tiles cost and why it is good for your pockets, keeping in mind a long-term view!

Point to Remember: When you are purchasing a roll of artificial grass tiles for any purpose, make sure that you plan out your decision as if you are shopping for two things - the tangible grass roll and installation cost. Unlike natural grass, you don’t have to figure out the cost of maintenance in artificial grass, as it is negligible, keeping the long-term picture in mind. 

1. Standard Price of a Roll

Artificial grass tiles makers manufacture rolls in varied thicknesses and sizes so that you have the option to choose what works best for your spaces. Artificial grass tiles rolls come in either 2m, 4m, or 5m width. These rolls usually have a maximum length of 25m. Generally speaking, grass rolls of 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm are the perfect variants.

According to the standard market price, one can get a 25mm artificial turf in the range of Rs 55 to 75 per Sq. Ft, a 35mm thickness somewhere between Rs 65 to 85 per Sq.Ft, and a 45mm thick grass from Rs 85 to 105 per Sq. Ft. These are the standard market price ranges and might vary from brand to brand. Procuring artificial grass tiles from renowned brands is always recommended to get the best quality with a soft finish. When buying online, make sure you consider the cost of installation too and don’t get trapped in the illusion of solely spending on the grass.

2. Maintenance Costs

Whether you need artificial grass tiles for residential areas such as balcony, patio, and terrace, or you need it for commercial areas with heavy foot traffic such as wedding lawns and office breakout zones, the maintenance cost is always less than natural grass. Miscellaneous costs like fertilizers, manure and watering the area, etc. will never pinch your pocket again as you switch to this sustainable flooring alternative. It’s estimated that you can save more than 22% on maintenance and other expenses compared to natural grass. Also, our Artificial Grass tiles are highly durable, thus saving you the stress of replacing the grass over and over again.

Therefore, it can be concluded that artificial grass tiles are a better and more sustainable alternative compared to real grass. Not to mention all the other benefits it has over natural grass which make it a go-to product for both commercial and residential spaces. So head over to our website here to know all about Greens. For all the questions that you may have, just fill out the enquiry form on our website and we will be happy to answer them all.

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