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How to Clean & Maintain Wooden Floor Tiles | Easy Tricks

How to Clean & Maintain Wooden Floor Tiles | Easy Tricks

Published on 29 June 2022, 07:38:03 AM

Over the years, wooden floor tiles have gained huge popularity in India. This has become one of the most used flooring options when it comes to renovating or building a new house or any other building. Being so popular and known for their style and luxurious feel, these tiles provide a warm feel to the house as well. 

Along with being so durable and strong, these floor tiles will give an impeccable and eye-pleasing effect to the overall interior decor of the place. But with these great features, comes the responsibility of maintaining it throughout to have shining and designer floor tiles as a part of the décor for your space. Therefore, it is very important to clean and maintain these tiles using full-proof methods to get these tiles to remain new and shiny.

In this blog, we have collated a few of the easy and time-saving tricks which you can use to get the best tiles for your bedroom, hall, kitchen, and other places.


Easy Tips on How to Maintain Wooden Floor Tiles: 

  1. How to clean wooden flooring is one of the foremost problems to address when it comes to their maintenance. To begin maintaining these wooden tiles, one must understand the type of flooring installation that has been done, whether it is laminated or engineered wood flooring tiles. As both types require different cleaning agents and methods. While laminated wooden floor tiles require a vacuum cleaner or a flipper mop to clean the dust, engineered wood floors, on the other hand, can easily be cleaned as a regular floor mopping without any extra effort. 

  2. Always remember not to use any type of oil, wax, or furniture sprays to clean the wooden flooring tiles as they may leave marks on the surface making it look dull and slippery too. 

  3. While rearranging the furniture, never drag the furniture on the wooden surface, and always follow the practice of lifting the furniture to move around the house. 

  4. If you have wooden flooring tiles installed in heavy foot traffic areas, always use soft rugs or carpets to make them look more appealing and also to keep dust away from the surface.

  5. Do not use products including ammonia and alkaline for wooden flooring maintenance. Cleaning the wooden surface with these can cause scratches on the floor making it look dull and bad.

  6. Never use homemade cleaning agents like vinegar, lemon juice, and soda on your flooring as these products can turn out to be acidic to wooden floor tiles. 

  7. Always protect the wooden flooring from direct sunlight and use drapes and curtains instead to protect it. 

  8. Keep the floor mat at the entrance and avoid walking on the wooden floor wearing shoes. This is one of the basics of wooden floor tiles maintenance as it avoid bringing the harsh sand particles and dirt inside.

  9. Using a floor mop or cleaning with a soft damp cloth regularly is one of the easiest and time-saving techniques to maintain these tiles.

  10. Use drapes, blinds, and curtains to protect the wooden floor tiles from direct sunlight as the direct rays from the sun can dull or change the colour of the wood.

The above-mentioned tips on how to clean wooden floors will help you in cleaning and maintaining these tiles like a pro. And, for a diverse variety and ample options of wooden style flooring, you can always rely on Welspun flooring. Our Click-N-Lock Tiles are available both in wooden finish and stone finish and can be installed in a single day. These tiles are waterproof and thus, easy to maintain. Our experts will help you get the right flooring choice for all spaces of your house, keeping your decided budget in mind.

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