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Ignite Your Passion With Drawing Room Interior Designs

Ignite Your Passion With Drawing Room Interior Designs

Published on 22 April 2022, 12:02:08 PM

Beautiful, spacious, and well-designed drawing rooms have always been in demand. Being the first place that is stepped into by all of your guests, these need to be well-equipped with a great drawing room interior leaving an impeccable impact on your guests’ minds about your style and décor choice. Moreover, it is the space for you and your family to gather and hang out together, therefore, it should be more of a comfortable yet designer area that can add up to both of your needs of hanging out and welcoming guests.

Over some time the living room interior design has come a long way, from old heavy-styled furniture to bright abstract walls and complementing furniture. The drawing room interior has improved a lot in this era and is adding wonders to the interior design industry. The right choice of flooring, colour combinations, décor items, and furniture that compliments each other are crucial elements that need to be focused on.

Here in this blog, we have collated ideas that will add up to the beauty of your house giving an eye-pleasing effect on your guests.

  1. Statement walls/ceiling designs: The very first element which needs to be added to your drawing room interior is the colour or pattern of the walls of your living area. This is the basis upon which you will be deciding upon furniture and other décor items. This will not only give a style to your drawing room but also the fine and properly constructed walls will make your drawing room look spacious and chic as per the latest interior designs. Therefore, do not forget to add a single statement wall or ceiling design to your drawing-room.
  2. Add up mirrors to make it look large: Mirrors nowadays are a go-to option for any interior décor. Thus, added to your drawing room these can bring life to your space making it look larger and better. Either pick a large oversized mirror against that one statement wall or add multiple small shaped mirrors placed together to give it a chic effect.
  3. Indoor plants: Any type of greenery- shrubs, plants, or bushes can lift the design of any space where they are placed. Also, you can go with artificial grass flooring to give your drawing room a natural feel without spoiling it. Welspun Flooring has various artificial grass options to select from, as per your requirement. Personalize and add a hint of greenery to your drawing room, but combine it with wooden artefacts or any piece of indoor waterfalls.
  4. Attractive chandeliers: Chandeliers, lamps, and big bright lights have always been the topmost options when selecting the interior design for your drawing room. The brighter your drawing room, the better your experience. A single elegant looking chandelier will help you in making your drawing room look bright and spacious and will enhance the focus on your interior including your décor items and furniture. 

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned ideas and uplift your drawing room interior style making it eye-pleasing for you and your guests. Along with this, having a well-equipped flooring design is a mandate to get the best living room interior design. Choose from a variety of flooring options such as artificial grass flooring Greens or even Click-n-Lock Tiles and Carpet Tiles from Welspun Flooring. These flooring options will go with your drawing room’s style and will help you in personalizing it in your way to have the drawing-room of your dreams.

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