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Kid's Room Interiors that Spark Joy

Kid's Room Interiors that Spark Joy

Published on 20 May 2022, 11:57:52 AM

What could be more precious than a child's room? Brimming with a licence to go all out and experiment with colour, patterns, cartoon characters and lots more. It's just begging to be designed in a way that inspires daydreams, which means it might just be the most fun room to decorate in any house. 

When you are planning your child's room, you choose a theme, colours and decorations that fill the environment with love and joy. But did you ever consider the lighting in the room? The right lamps and fixtures can set the mood and transform your child's space into one that they will truly enjoy. When it comes to designing a child’s room the first thought that often comes to every parent's mind is the mess that they have to deal with, but how about we share tips and tricks not only for interior design inspiration but also for the organisation.

Mentioned below are points that help you design the dreamiest room for your children which are not only pleasant to look at but will be loved by them as well. First and foremost, focus on the lighting of the room. Assess if the room has access to any natural source of light. If yes, take advantage of it as much as you can. Children more than any of us adults require natural light. Not only does it add light to your room but it is also a source of refreshment and positive energy. 

Apart from that, you should look at lighting which will brighten up their room. If they have a study table in their room, then ensure they have sufficient lighting in and around that space which will enable them to have a clear vision. Ambient lighting or night lamp provisions are particularly important when it comes to a kid's room interior.

Kid's room interior decoration isn't restricted to ideas. There is so much that you can play with from the themes to the colour palettes to differently shaped beds, to incorporating a play area in the room, the possibilities are quite endless.

Start by asking your child their preferences or opinions on what they would like to have in their decor and design. Be it colours, cartoon characters, bunk beds, play area whatever his or her wish is jot it down. From this list start to brainstorm over the ideas that are aesthetically pleasing to the child and the parent and are functional at the same time.

Once you have the theme of the kid's room interior, you can figure out other bits such as the kind of furniture, statement lights, flooring, study area, etc. When you start picking out other items which are fixtures such as the bed you can always invest in furniture which you will be able to re-use in the future or convert into something else once your kids grow older and have a different requirement than earlier for those specific pieces of furniture.

While you are deciding on how or what to do with the walls, always explore options that are stain-free to avoid residual marks from spilt food, dirty fingers and scribbles from crayons and paints. Next select flooring which brightens up the room and is easy to maintain. You can explore the Welspun Flooring range of products such as the Click-N-Lock tiles which come in multiple designs and are easy to install and easy to maintain as well. Interior Room decoration and design for a kid's room interior also require you to think about organisation and space utilisation. Kids are often messy and all their stuff from clothes, books, games and toys are almost always scattered.

Don't feel overwhelmed by this, dedicate a separate storage area for each of their items that are within their reach so it is easy for them to put their things back into place. Rotating toys and games have seemed to work well for children and parents.

Further, while you start exploring accessories for kids' room interiors, you can consider the following items. Match the decor items according to the theme of the room. For example, if the theme is animal safari then you should probably try to get cute animal frames and figurines in bright colours, textiles to create a jungle vibe, cushions in the shape of their favourite animals and other artefacts that also scream animal safari. Such detailing is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Last but not the least, try and keep the space as open as possible so the child has enough space to move around without tripping. Above mentioned interior decor ideas are a sure-shot guide on how to decorate a kid's room with ease. Do try these out!

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