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Last but not the least: why we should pay attention to floor decor

Last but not the least: why we should pay attention to floor decor

Published on 27 December 2021, 06:07:23 AM

Interior decoration has always focused on the walls, their colors, and their combination with other aspects of the room. However, the floor is something that is overlooked, even though it is the very first point of contact to any room or home. Whenever you enter a room, how comfortable the floor is or how easy it is to walk on the floor will decide your experience of that place. This is the reason why floor decor should be taken into consideration while constructing a home or renovating any space.

When entering a home, flooring is the largest canvas and it occupies most of the space. Thus, it should be given its due attention and one should never underestimate the importance of doing floor decor in their home. Be it the outdoor pathways or the floor inside your home, every inch needs to be covered with appropriate flooring options to make it last longer. When done properly, one can avoid expenses related to changing the flooring in the long run.

Let us consider some of the points as to why paying enough attention to floor decor is necessary:


  1. First impression - Guests walking in your home should feel comfortable in the very first step when they enter your place. Not just the visual aspect, floor decor contributes towards creating a first impression on your guests. The soft floor under the feet is a pleasant feeling and makes anyone feel relaxed while wandering in their home. 
  2. An add-on to your home decor - If you are someone who is looking to invest in flooring once and for all, then you should go with wooden flooring. This floor decor is easy to clean, and along with that it transforms your place completely and will be a definite match with your existing furniture. Look out for various shades and types of wood being used in these flooring options and select the one that suits your budget.
  3. Bear the footfall with ease - There are certain areas in your home that experience more than usual foot traffic. For such rooms or outdoor spaces, you can always select something more durable such as natural stone tiles which are scratch and heat resistant. Giving your place an antique look, floor decor with natural stone tiles will be a win-win option for you.
  4. Give your place a royal look - You might think about getting royal wall paints or hanging some beautiful art pieces on walls to make your place look royal. But, it is the floor decor as well which contributes to this look. Marble or any other natural stone tiles can help you achieve that easily without much effort.
  5. Heat and water resistance - Not every room can have the same flooring. For bathrooms, we have to ensure that the floor should not slippery. Similarly, outside flooring should be of a material that can absorb heat in summers effectively. Thus, designing appropriate floor decor for different areas of your home is important to ensure that living in your home is safe and relaxing.

These are some of the reasons why one should focus on floor decor options. However, if you are not aware of where you will get to see numerous flooring options under one roof, Welspun Flooring is your go-to destination. We have a variety of tiles and even natural grass-like turf which can help you in making an informed decision while deciding on the floor decor of your home.

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