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Liven Up Your Living Room with Beautiful Tiles

Liven Up Your Living Room with Beautiful Tiles

Published on 30 June 2021, 07:53:49 PM

At home, life starts in the living room! From serious family conversations to all the emotional drama, the living room sets the tone for it all. The way you have your morning coffee, the way you spend quality time with family, the way you entertain guests, the way you exult in the picturesque view, the way you lay down binging movies after movie, or the way you relax on your favourite dark red sofa - the living area becomes a part of your life in many distinct ways. 

With so many defining factors in one place, it is worthwhile to sit and give another thought to whether your interior reflects your personality or it's about time to give a little twist to your living room! Well, a slight change from time to time only makes one feel good about the place if anything. So let's start the renovation with the basics - your living room's flooring. Floors are like footwear that enhances the feel of the attire lucidly. The right ones can work wonders, and the wrong ones can work otherwise! Thus, in a nutshell, deciding on your flooring and tile design for the hall/living room of yours need careful thought. 

Below are some flooring renovation ideas you can blend well with your home's interiors:

1. Make it Refreshing with Stone Designs

With tile designs for hall/living room inspired by the magnificent stones, add a modern and architectural bend to your home and dress your living room with awe-inspiring designs. Stones come in a myriad of textures and colors. You can choose a combination of stone designs and make a motif peculiar to your style too. Choose what blends well with your living room's interior. Go with light-colored flooring if your wall is a bright canvas filled with artsy elements. Or, you may also want to play it bold and keep the complete picture bright and plump. With an ultimate collection of Click N Lock tiles in stone finish ranging from Eden to Bliss, you will get abundant options to choose from the wide range of tile designs for hall/living room. 

2. Keep It Natural with Wooden Shades

There is nothing like adorning your living room's floor with charismatic textures enkindled by nature. Marry your wooden flooring with antique and minimal furniture to give the space a warm and cozy look. 

You can also decorate your walls with artwork of multiple colors and styles to give the space a song of its own. All this while, don't forget to add a shield of safety too!

3. Add the Playful factor

Nothing ramps up the fun, like the unique and playful flooring patterns in your living room. Choose bright colored patterned tile designs for hall/living room, or else envelop with tile designs for hall/living room like it's right out of a luxury magazine. Whatever you decide, make sure to tick the comfort factor along. The new-age tile designs for hall/living room from some reputed brands like Welspun comes with the ultimate SPC core that makes the floor stronger, durable, and comfortable.

4. Go Easy on Maintenance with Carpet Tiles

Brilliant, comfortable, and luxurious is how carpet tiles make your living room look. These tile designs for the hall/living room are the best if you want the warmth of the carpet without any fuss about maintaining it. You might want to look at the carpet tiles from Welspun flooring to give your home an inviting cover that is made from the highest quality yarn which is highly resilient, anti-viral, stain-resistant, easy to maintain, and available in multiple designs, setting them a class apart from other choices. 

You can also elevate your home’s interior with Welspun’s designer Wall-to-wall carpets that come with perfect sound absorption that prevents excess reverberation around the room. Not only this, these carpets ensure superior colour retention and durability, thus retaining your floor’s aesthetics for years to come.

Highlight your architectural details and mirror your personality in the steps you take forward with these tile designs for the hall/living room. Be free from any worry about breaking and maintaining the tiles with unique grout-free features and extra cushioning from revolutionary brands like Welspun. 

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