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Living room decor Ideas for making your guests feel at home

Living room decor Ideas for making your guests feel at home

Published on 25 December 2021, 06:05:52 AM

Are you wondering how to redesign your living room to make your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and totally at home when they visit you? And are you struggling to settle on any particular aesthetic that would resonate with the type of artistry you have been conjuring up for long, in spite of plenty of living room décor ideas on the internet? Then, here are some not-so-common living room décor ideas you can incorporate while looking for the perfect cozy aura for your guests.

The Bohemian Retreat – 

This interior décor type will excite your nerves due to its maximalist approach! This is one of the many excellent living room décor ideas that you can redesign your home with. The Bohemian Retreat will be the ultimate gift of good vibes to your guests. 

How to get this look? In living room décor ideas like this, one can plan to introduce a lot of bright shades in the space. Here, it is all about making the space a little eclectic and modern, yet with a touch of vintage elements. Throw a lot of spreads, rugs, and cushions all around in the room in a careless yet organized manner. Adding some indoor plants will be an excellent idea to make it look exceptional and distinct from other living room décor ideas.

For the flooring, you can choose any that blends with a beautiful look. What we recommend is the stone finish Click-N-Lock tiles. Their unique designs make an excellent choice for upholding the bohemian vibes coupled with the right décor to make your home a one-of-a-kind guestroom. 

A Touch of the Scandinavian Style -

This is one of those living room décor ideas where modernism engrossed itself inmand simple aesthetics. Planning elements such as the chair, sofa, wall designs in detail are the key to Scandinavian design. Make your room minimal yet visually interesting. There are a lot of living room decor ideas attached to this elegant style. You can play with the material of sofas or add a bright pop of color with some painting. The theme of this style can range from minimal black and white to pastels shades blended together in a visually appealing way until it all comes together in a way your guests like it. 

Mid Century Living Room - 

While living room décor ideas like Mid Century Living are an absolute favorite to contemporary architects, many customers are embracing this twist in designs due to both the element of ethnicity and modernity. The primary showstopper for living room décor ideas like this would obviously be that ultimate flooring that can steal all the glamour from the rest of the décor. 

Wooden finish tiles can create the perfect semblance between the traditional mid-century living room décor along with being the technologically able tiles that it has been made with. The lighting for the room will also be subdued would give your guests the exact ambiance of sitting in a royal household. 

The Click-N-Lock from Welspun would be a perfect choice for your Mid Century and Contemporary living room décor ideas. With the wide range of designs available in the Click-N-Lock tiles at Welspun, you are guaranteed to find the one best compliments your interior decor theme and the one that matches the aesthetic of your interior. Not only will it provide you with the exact aesthetic but its creation with modern technology makes it super-efficient. Some of the benefits of these tiles for living room décor ideas like this are – 

  • The appeal is from the by-gone era 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Scratch Resistant 
  • Durable 
  • Cushion backing 
  • One-day Installation 
  • Anti-microbial

These features of the interlocking tiles have made this one of the most sought-after floorings for all living room décor ideas. The interior décor inspired by these ideas would surely give your guests the love, warmth, and light and make their stay or visit to your place a delightful experience.

So, if you too are contemplating the flooring for the line of living room décor ideas you have in mind already, head on to Welspun Flooring for exploring a wide range of options suitable for all your flooring needs. 

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