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Living Room Wall Decor Ideas That You Are Not Following

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas That You Are Not Following

Published on 22 April 2022, 01:34:40 PM

For any household, the living room is the main attraction for all visitors. As soon as your visitor steps into your living room, the place itself showcases your style, persona, and mindset. Therefore, the décor for the living room should be designed in such a way that reflects your thoughts and vibes.

There are ample living room wall decor ideas available in the market which are in huge demand nowadays. Also, you wouldn’t have to put much effort into getting the best one for your modern living room décor. Decide on your budget, set your preferences, and let the hunt for the best wall décor ideas begin. To make your task simpler we brought to you a few trending living room wall decor ideas which are being highly used and are specially derived for an Indian household, which you might have not thought could be used to decorate the living room space. 


  1. Wallpapers: While paints and colours are the obvious choices for decorating any wall, wallpapers on the other hand have acquired a major portion of the décor market. Using cool prints, textured and 3D wallpapers are the go-to options to have a beautiful home décor.
  2. Mirrors: Adding the statement mirrors adds a touch of luxury to your space. These mirrors will easily reflect the light falling into your living room making it look more spacious and huge. Either go with a single huge statement mirror or opt for a mirror collage which is quite trending these days. 
  3. Timber Panelling: Nowadays indoor paneling is quite famous and creates an eye-pleasing look to your living room décor. Paneling comes in a wide selection and offers various design options which can be easily applied to ceilings or the walls of your modern living room.
  4. Put Contrast to Use: If you are looking for some inexpensive yet trendy living room wall decor ideas, you can always choose this easy option of getting the walls painted with dual shades of colours. You can opt for 2 contrasting colours, the combination of light and dark colour would do the best for your walls.
  5. Carved Wooden Panels: The wooden touch to any décor gives an antique yet chic look to the place. Thus, going for some wooden carved panels or skirting borders for your walls will give a cosy vibe to your modern living room décor.

Other than these listed options, there are plenty of Indian decor ideas in the market which can be used to add that one statement wall in your living room that will leave an impeccable effect on your visitors.

Along with the walls, the flooring in the living room plays a major role in leaving an impact as well as maintaining the overall look of the space. The living room always faces heavy foot traffic as compared to other areas of your house. Therefore, it is very important to have the best flooring for your living room which will not only enhance the look but will also remain sturdy throughout.

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