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Marble Flooring Designs Trending in 2021

Marble Flooring Designs Trending in 2021

Published on 15 November 2021, 10:06:04 AM

Marble has always been the quintessential choice in the flooring arena. It is highly preferred as the flooring in homes, hotels, and commercial buildings. Timeless elegance, sophistication, and sheer elegance to name a few are some of the features that come to mind when we look at marble flooring design. Let us look in-depth at the marble flooring design trends of 2021. 

1. Biophilic Design

A pattern of extensive interdisciplinary research comes into play when we look at biophilic designs. This design is a concept used within the interior design industry, and by architects who use this marble flooring design to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct, indirect nature, space and place conditions. Biophilic designs are often in bright colors, with tones of green and blue, in tandem with the tonality of nature, connecting well with people. 

2. Marble Countertops 

Marble countertops have become the favourite option for the marble flooring design for any house. Due to the long-lasting quality of marble, many interior designers prefer it for its durability, lasting beauty and wide range of available patterns and colours. Once the marble top is installed, the luxurious finish will stay for years to come.

Marble countertops are often seen in kitchens, with several patterns and designs which match perfectly with the interior decoration and would retain the lustre and hardness for many years to come. 

3. Bath Interiors

Many bath interiors have marble flooring designs as well as on walls as well. Marble in bathrooms is used for the coating of walls, floors, bathtubs and sinks, giving the bathroom space an uplifted luxe look. This marble flooring design represents absolute purity and subtle vibrance to the furnishing of a bathroom or any space for that matter. For example, Carrara marble can look clean and appealing, and is mostly preferred for bathrooms. 

4. Italian marble flooring design

Italians are known to take pride in their stonework heritage and the luxurious and sleek look of marbles which also have high quality and purity of Italian marble. Italian marble is durable but expensive. It has the characteristic lustre and crystal-like appearance. Statuario, Botticino, and Carrara white are some of the famous Italian marble flooring designs preferred. Italian marbles are premium, with a distinctive appearance that brings character to your space. With an Italian marble flooring design, you can be sure that the flooring in your home will capture the attention of everyone who enters your home.  

5. Shades of Marble 

Black marble flooring design is making its way to many homes, hotel lobbies, commercial spaces and more. Many interior designers incline towards a black marble flooring design to give the home a distinct character. The great thing about black is it never gets dirty!

White marble has always been the hero of timeless elegance when it comes to marble flooring design. Carrara White is famously known as Italian marble that gives the luxurious finish, and lustre that brings up your home's elegance to a whole new level. The checkered black and white is a classic marble flooring design that is often seen as a favourite for many. 

6. Who doesn't like accessorizing? 

Marble furniture and accessories trends are emerging as favourites of many. Acquiring an exclusive character to your interior design and would complement your marble flooring design. Marble accessories work well with marble top coffee tables. Marble vases, lamps, tables, and other items integrate style and character to your space and your glistening marble flooring design as well. 

While marble flooring is the expensive, premium, and luxurious look for your home, it also comes with some drawbacks. Installing a marble floor comes with its own arduous task of hard work, and is time-consuming. The maintenance, repolishing is a stressful ordeal to go through, not to mention that the best and top-quality marble is very expensive. If you decide to move from your home or renovate, marble flooring would require that refurbishing. But if you are looking for a better alternative like getting a stain and polish-free, sleek look to the floor then Welspun flooring is the place for you to give your floor the character that's missing from your home. Click-N-Lock tiles are emerging as the gamechanger in the market, as it is long-lasting, resistant to scratches and comes in a range of intricate designs and colour choices, making it the ideal choice. 

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