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Modern interior design ideas that are too good to be true

Modern interior design ideas that are too good to be true

Published on 01 April 2022, 12:09:46 PM

A modern interior design does not reflect upon a particular style or era but it's a compilation of various themes and ideas that are simplistic which adds to the beauty of this concept.

Greater access to building materials like cement and steel combined with the influence of Industrialization and the invention of newer technologies played a great hand in influencing this style of design. It provides the ideal conditions to express yourself and gives enough room to experiment at the same time while playing with neater and more sleek designs. Not only are they simplistic but also fuss-free with clean designs making it a more comfortable and cozy space to live in.

Modernism as a concept is even relevant today and can be often seen as a reflection of architecture or contemporary-styled homes. One should not get confused between modernism and contemporary as modernism can be correlated to a particular era whereas contemporary design refers to something which is currently new. 

Some elements of modern interior designs that have stood through the test of time are:


  • Marble countertops: Marble adds a very luxe finish to a countertop whether in the kitchen or bathroom and is equally as practical as beautiful. Marble is being used for quite some time now and it ain't going out of trend anytime soon. Marble countertops when paired with wooden finished tiles are all you need to design that particular space.


  • A gallery wall: A statement wall that is done up using pictures and frames in multiple shapes and sizes has a story to tell that truly exposes the personality of the homeowner and is sure to be the center of attention.


  • Subway tiles: Ceramic subway tiles have gained popularity through the years and are now being incorporated into kitchen and bathroom spaces. Welspun Flooring offers a wide range of floor tiles that can be used to achieve this modern look for our homes.


  • Rattan & cane: This material involves craftsmanship and a fond eye to appreciate it. From outdoor patio furniture to boho decor for the interiors, this style has made its way through time and is here to stay. Pastel shades often tend to go well with such pieces of art.


  • Open floor plan: This is a great idea in order to differentiate between different spaces not by creating a wall but by separating the two by making use of furniture.


  • Wall to wall carpeting: Now, who doesn't like the feeling of a soft carpet underneath their feet? This one trend is here to say whether it’s meant to be applied to a residential or commercial space. Welspun flooring has a wide range of carpet floor design tiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. There is something about carpeting that makes it inherently comfortable.


  • Wallpapers: A great addition to your home is the addition of wallpapers. They are available in a huge variety of patterns, colors, and textures and if used properly, they can highlight certain spaces in your home.


  • Open space: This concept aims at keeping open spaces. The key to accomplishing this minimalist interior design look is by not cluttering the space with multiple tiny pieces but having a few pieces which scream maximalism and draw the attention of anyone who walks into this room. This can be done by choosing larger furnishings, big paintings, or by simply choosing attractive flooring.

The above-mentioned ideas are certain concepts that you can incorporate into your “modern” home. Modern interior design ideas are versatile which makes the application easy irrespective of the size of the apartment.

Certain interior design ideas which take their inspiration from modern and contemporary designs often result in long-term investments for your home. One such idea to try is the Click-N-Lock tiles. They come in a lot of finishes, are easy on your pocket, the installation is taken care of by the Welspun team and this can be accommodated without removing the existing flooring which makes it fuss-free and a perfect choice for adding to your home interior.

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