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Pros and Cons: Cheap Floor Tiles

Pros and Cons: Cheap Floor Tiles

Published on 23 December 2021, 11:57:03 AM

If you are thinking about getting your floor remodeled, there are several factors to consider. Tile flooring can be used in multiple environments, but depending on your location some characteristics may work while some others may not. Before you select your flooring option, it's best to weigh the pros and cons to make a fully informed decision. To help you decide, we bring to you the benefits and drawbacks of cheap floor tiles such as ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, vinyl tiles, concrete tiles among others.


Let’s understand what makes cheap floor tiles an ideal option for homeowners.


Tiles are as affordable as it gets when you compare them with other flooring options such as marble flooring, hardwood flooring, or granite flooring. For example, ceramic tiles start at well below $5 per square foot when looking at budget-friendly options. 

Repair and Maintenance

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the most preferred cheap floor tile options. They are solid, hard and dense, and are even used for commercial installations. They are very easy to clean when any liquid, dirt, or stains get on them. You can simply mop or wipe them.


The best part of cheap floor tiles is you get a wide range of designs, colors, and shades to choose from. They can be used to replicate traditional flooring materials such as wood, granite, marble, and more.


Installing cheap floor tiles is super easy and can even be a DIY project depending on the tile you choose. For instance, while marble flooring can take 2 weeks for installation in a 500 square feet home, you can install cheap floor tiles in 4 to 5 days or sometimes less.


Floor tiles are almost impervious to the effects of water and are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. Look for tiles that are vitreous or semi-vitreous.


Here are some cons of purchasing cheap floor tiles for your home:

Short Life Span

Due to their hardness, cheap floor tiles can often cause mutual destruction when objects such as glass or mugs fall on them. They can get cracks or chips off and can last for 4 to 5 years only. 

Difficult to Maintain Grout Lines

Even though cheap floor tiles are easy to maintain, you still need to revitalize the grout lines regularly to prevent the build-up of mildew and stains on them.

Not Easy to Change

If one tile develops a crack, chances are you will have to replace the entire flooring if you can’t find the exact same tile design in the market. It’s best to keep some extra tiles in stock to prevent this situation from arising.

Weather Effects

Tiles are known to adapt to the weather outside. If it's hot, they turn warmer. If it's winter, the tiles become too cold to walk on. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Although flexible in terms of styles and designs, tiles are not as visually impressive as wooden, carpet, or marble flooring. 

When it comes to installing cheap floor tiles in your home, there are both pros and cons. While they are affordable, easy to clean, and come with a quick installation process, cheap floor tiles have lesser aesthetic appeal and are not so durable. Plus, depending on the tile flooring option you choose, it can be slippery or not ideal for heavy foot traffic. Consider all these factors before you decide to invest in cheap floor tiles.

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