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Top 7 Reasons to Pick Anti-Skid Tiles for Your House This Monsoon Season!

Top 7 Reasons to Pick Anti-Skid Tiles for Your House This Monsoon Season!

Published on 01 September 2023, 08:43:09 AM

When it comes to flooring, we have a variety of choices to suit each of our diverse needs. Various tiles such as ceramic, marble, slate, and wood, among others, are utilized depending on the need. But, what kind of safety do they provide? Are they safe to be installed outdoors, particularly during the monsoon? What kind of functionality do they provide? There is one type that can safely answer all these questions and provide superior functionality and look. And that is the anti-skid vitrified tile. These tiles have a floor coating that prevents slipping even when the surface is soapy and full of moisture. The durability and timeless look and feel that the anti-skid vitrified tiles provide to your floors make them ideal for outdoor use during monsoon.

The anti-skid coating on the floor tiles aids in maintaining a high coefficient of friction. Much like Welspun’s SPC Flooring, which provides a great anti-slip surface and great safety, anti-skid vitrified tiles also avoid the possibility of mishaps brought on by sliding and falling during the monsoon. Here are seven reasons why you should opt for anti-skid tiles for your house.

Avoids accidents

Traditional tile’s flat surfaces put individuals at risk for mishaps. These tiles have a smooth surface, so when water or another liquid coats them, they become slick and hazardous for nearby persons. The regular tiles can be dangerous, especially for the family's senior citizens. The moisture-resistant vitrified tiles on the other hand provide anti-skid properties. Anti-skid tiles are therefore a superior option especially when you have kids and the elderly at home.

Low maintenance

When you prefer a methodical approach to cleanliness and home maintenance, this is an extremely vital factor to take into account. Water and stain resistance are one of the most prominent advantages of anti-skid vitrified tiles. Their cleanup is simple and you won’t have to spend much time on their upkeep.


These tiles maintain their firmness and integrity because of their ideal thickness and strong stain and water resistance. Anti-skid tiles are also colour-retentive tiles, so even intense sunlight does not cause the colours to fade. The weathering process is rather gradual due to the tile's strength. The floor's finish stays the same for a lifetime, and the tiles never lose their brand-new appearance.


Any area that requires a stable underfoot surface can employ anti-skid tiles. They can be utilised anywhere you choose to lend style to the overall area. These anti-skid tiles can be used in areas like kitchen backsplashes, swimming pools, balconies, etc. in addition to indoors.

Competitive Pricing

Do you know what makes these tiles the best? Their price point! Although they excel at providing both beauty and protection, anti-skid floor tiles have more to offer than that. They are quite an economical option and due to safety measures, they can also increase the worth of your house.

Design Options

Tired of your home's antiquated single-colour tiles? What if you were given the option to select from a variety of tile designs? The vitrified anti-skid tiles are available in a wide range of styles, hues, and patterns that may help you stay on top of the most recent tile trends for any type of room. Even bathroom tiles, such as cement tiles, geometric tiles, 3D tiles, slate tiles, and many others, can be used to create fresh designs. The floor tiles come in a variety of colours, designs, and patterns. Because of this, both adults and children may simply decorate their bathrooms with their favourite hues, patterns, or even cartoon characters. Isn't that incredible?

Easy installation

These tiles are easy to install and don't require much drying time. They don't require any other covering to give them anti-skid property. Before you know it, the area is set up and ready for usage.

Another great option that provides all the above features and much more is Welspun’s Click-N-Lock® tiles. These tiles are anti-skid in nature and provide superb safety if there are children and elderly in your home. Apart from providing great friction, the Click-N-Lock® tiles from Welspun are scratch and stain-resistant, provide excellent fire safety, and come equipped with an anti-microbial layer. Whether you’re looking to enhance the safety of your outdoor areas or beautify your interiors, these interlocking tiles are the most versatile and suitable option for every space and all your needs.  

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