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Red oxide flooring: YAY or NAY?

Red oxide flooring: YAY or NAY?

Published on 08 November 2021, 03:25:31 PM

Most people might not be aware of what exactly is red oxide flooring. But for many, especially the ones who have visited a lot of Indian historical places; this type of flooring carries an element of nostalgia with it. 

Unique to India, red oxide flooring is one of the types from the family of oxide flooring styles that are emerging back from the past. With the changing times, red oxide flooring is making a re-entry in the flooring market with a bang. In oxide flooring, the cemented floors are colored using different types of oxides like red, black, and others. It is the most popular among the other colors that are available in the market. 

Owing to the lack of knowledge about red oxide flooring, there must be an ongoing debate in your mind about whether to choose this option for your space or not. So here is a guide for you to know everything that you should keep in mind before choosing it for your abode. 

Pros and Cons of Red oxide flooring

With many other flooring types already prevalent in the market, it has become necessary to highlight the pros and cons of red oxide flooring to make the choice easier for you.

Pros of Red Oxide Flooring

  • Durable

  • Easy to maintain- Only requires regular sweeping

  • Elegant

  • Cost-Effective

  • Lustrous finish for years

  • Cooling Factor

  • Eco-friendly

  • Non-toxic for the environment

  • Traditional aesthetic

Cons of Red Oxide Flooring

  • Tedious Installation and requires skilled labor

  • Exposure to extreme conditions of weather can lead to cracks

  • Not a durable option for outdoors

Why Red oxide flooring is the best choice for your home?

With its sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and appealing features, red oxide flooring is a versatile choice for your home. Economic viability is one of the key attractions for customers to install red oxide flooring in their homes. Apart from that, this is the flooring that will become shinier and more pleasing with time, instead of deteriorating like the others.

Although it was replaced by other contemporary flooring materials, red oxide flooring is making a comeback owing to its pocket-friendly nature and elegant appearance. The use of local materials in their creation is another added benefit to the overall pros of this flooring. 

Installing red oxide flooring will add depth to the look of your home and elegance to its character. Moreover, selecting red oxide flooring will not only provide more opportunities to the local craftsmen but help in spreading awareness about the safety and environment-friendly procedures that are used in the creation of this flooring. 

Laying down red oxide flooring is a tedious task and requires the expertise of a skilled craftsman which can be very difficult to find. However, if you still want your home to be styled like this flooring without the hassle of getting the whole flooring done with red oxide, there are several alternatives available for you.

You can simply connect with Welspun flooring to avoid stressing over the process and let our team of experts help you out with the perfect alternative for you. Adding to this, the perfect price and hassle-free installation of every flooring type make us the best choice for your flooring projects.

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