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Renovation Ideas For Old Homes That Can Give Your House A Brand New Look

Renovation Ideas For Old Homes That Can Give Your House A Brand New Look

Published on 16 May 2022, 12:17:28 PM

We all want to make our homes look good from time to time and even if we are happy with our homes, there will always be an area that we feel needs a little more attention. That kitchen island you installed years ago is not used.

It always seems like everything in the dining room is messy or the imposing brick fireplace is always there each time you pass by. Easy and inexpensive remodeling ideas are often the best. Many of these ideas involve painting, installing new fixtures, and reorganizing. Self-installing a thermostat can save hundreds in the long run. Refinishing bricks and cabinets can also help.

Alternatively, you can spend a bit more on a pantry unit that wraps around your refrigerator or an entire bathroom makeover with frameless glass and a bathtub.

We have shortlisted a few interior design ideas for you which will help you to transform your old home interiors into something new immediately and easily.

  • Turning a half-sized closet into a double-sized closet

A large bedroom closet is a must for most of us. However, closets are boxed in completely by walls. Moveable walls are not available, or are they? It's common for us to overlook the fact that it is one closet, as are many other closets in bedrooms that share a wall with another bedroom. By using a single non-load-bearing wall, the large closet is cut in half and becomes two smaller closets, with one half serving the one bedroom and the other half another bedroom across the hall. This doubling of closet space was made possible by removing the middle wall.


  • Accent wall: from unappealing to appealing

There is a high possibility that you’ll find your living room decor, especially that accent wall dull which affects the entire mood of your home decor leaving most things unorganised and in need of serious up-gradation. If this is the case then here are a few ideas to spruce up your living room design. Paint the living room in lighter shades making the room appear vast. After that decide the vibe that you want to create and then you can further go on to experiment with ideas such as adding a gallery wall, wall mouldings, open shelves to add planters, etc. You can also team this up with good flooring such as the Click-N-Lock tiles offered by Welspun Flooring which will immediately transform your old house into new.


  • Converting an ignored kitchen island into a dining table

Many times we follow the trends and install things into our homes without realizing the need for them. One such trend is kitchen islands. It is also a high possibility that if no one is making use of this space then it is boring. To revive this, you could try and convert the kitchen island into a sitting/eating breakfast bar, guests can gather in the kitchen. With the addition of the countertop overhang, guests can sit closer to the bar. In addition to serving the cook, the kitchen island has a sink. Outdated pendant lights have been replaced by recessed lighting which will ensure that clean lines are maintained with a counter-depth side-by-side refrigerator.


  • From losing storage space to an increase in storage space

An old fridge does a good job keeping food cold, but it takes up a lot of floor space. There is also a lot of space above and to the side that could be used for storage. A brilliant solution for counter space-wasters is to add a pantry unit on each side and above the fridge. This expands the storage inside the refrigerator and gives it a sleek, integrated appearance. Slide-out pantry shelves make reaching food items simple since refrigerator pantries have sliding doors.

  • Transforming bathroom corners from boring to fun

When there are tight walls and little floor space, space for a vanity and mirror is forced into a small bathroom nook setup. The vanity and mirror are wedged into this small space for obvious reasons. In order to turn the situation around in your favour, you must consider making a few updates to your bathroom interior design that do not cost a lot, nor do they take much time. For less than you might spend on a nice evening out, you can paint the bathroom cabinets, install new hardware, paint the walls, replace the vanity light and add a nice rug, along with other pretty touches.


  • Balcony upgrades

It's not uncommon to stare longingly at your shabby patio or balcony and wish it looked different. Patios bring people together in the great outdoors but when the patio or your balcony looks run down, no one wishes to be there. Remove unwanted foliages, add new healthy plants, install artificial grass from the Greens Range offered by Welspun Flooring, and add a swing, comfortable seating options, and some more plants to liven up your balcony decor.

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