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Rental Home Makeovers You Need To Try Right Now

Rental Home Makeovers You Need To Try Right Now

Published on 28 June 2022, 07:55:07 AM

A home makeover can never go out of style, designing and decorating a home that represents your personality and matches your vibe is a dream for everyone. But, this can sometimes be difficult when you live in a rented apartment. Still, it’s not an impossible task for tenants, although each and everything can’t be changed in rental homes one can achieve a dream home makeover in a rented house as well.

Here we have got some of the latest and trending home makeover ideas for you to try and apply and get the dream home of your choice. 


  1. Add Lots Of Colours: One of the quickest ways of getting a rental home makeover is to paint the walls new with the colours of your choice which are the replica of your style and complements your lifestyle. And, for this, one could choose some neutral tone shades, which a landlord wouldn’t mind and it will also make the rooms appear bigger and brighter than they are. 
  2. Use Removable Wallpapers: If you aren’t that much of a fan of paints, you can simply go for some inexpensive and easily removable wallpapers that will give an impeccable look to those boring plain and white walls. Use the patterns and colours as per your style and preferences and get a low-budget home makeover in a rented apartment, that too in an easy way. 
  3. Use Bright Colored Curtains: Brighten up the rooms a little more, by using bright-toned curtains and drapes of your choice. This will be an easy and less expensive makeover idea to go with, without creating any hassle with your landlord.
  4. Add Artificial Grass Or Plants: Adding greenery to the interiors of the house is one of the most trending and chic ideas, one could always go for artificial plants indoors and original and fresh plants for outdoors. 
  5. Use Colourful Rugs/Carpets: For an easy and quick makeover, one could always select some good quality Click-N-Lock Tiles from Welspun Flooring for your interiors. When these wooden finish tiles are installed at your place, it will change the overall look of the space, giving an eye-pleasing effect on the eyes of the guests. These tiles don’t even take much time to be installed and do not accompany dust or noise during the installation.
  1. Change Cabinet Knobs/Switch Plates: You can always ask your landlord about getting some new and fresh kitchen cabinet knobs and switch plates, which will also play a role in the rental home makeovers, as these small things also contribute to the entire makeover plan.
  2. Add Paintings And Art Pieces: Combining accessories as a part of interior decorations is a brilliant idea one could go for. You can always add showpieces, artefacts, and paintings complementing your style and preferences as these are some things that can be easily moved along with you if you plan to shift to a new place. 
  3. Use Mirrors: Make mirrors the part of one of your interior décor ideas when planning a rental home makeover, this never goes out of style and will also add up luxurious feels to your house. Use the combination of small or big statement mirrors that goes with your style. 

The above options are mentioned specifically for the tenants so that they can give the rented apartment a homely feel. But, other than the tenants, the owner of the house also plays a major role in completing rental home makeovers. As they are responsible for giving a well-maintained and functional house to the tenants. Therefore, the landlords should specifically take care of the flooring of the house so that it doesn’t create any bad impression on tenants as the flooring is the heart of any building. And for that, one could always trust the expertise and knowledge of Welspun Flooring and can select from the various modern and trending Click-N-Lock Tiles, Carpet Tiles, or even Greens. Take a look at our catalogue and choose what suits best to your style.

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