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Simple home makeover ideas you need to know

Simple home makeover ideas you need to know

Published on 08 June 2022, 07:13:33 AM

You can tell a lot about someone’s individualistic style, personality, and taste from the way they choose to decorate their home. After all, every house tells a story and you want yours to be stylish, vibrant and the best there can be. Fortunately, decorating a home that can inspire and keep you happy doesn’t have to be too cumbersome. All you need are a few simple home makeover ideas to transform your space from dull to stunning.  

If you are looking for some inspiration to change the look and feel of your home, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up the best simple home makeover ideas to create a fresh look for your space. 

Create A Green Wall

Who doesn’t love nature and greenery? We love to spend countless hours breathing in some fresh air and spending time looking at the green plants and trees. They have a soothing effect on our body and mind and fill us with immense peace. How about a simple home makeover idea that brings the outdoors inside? Consider creating a green wall by attaching potted plants to the wall with some slabs of wood. It can instantly uplift your mood and give a calming vibe to your living space.

Get A New Flooring

Changing your flooring is another simple home makeover idea that you can try to liven up your home. With the advancements in technology, there are a lot of flooring options by Welspun Flooring available today that are easy to install and hassle-free. With their mechanism, the Click-N-Lock Tiles can be installed on top of your existing ones without having to break, drill or dismantle anything. The ease of installation and durability make this simple home makeover idea a huge hit among homeowners.

Paint the Furniture

This is a fun and simple home makeover idea that will leave you happily satisfied with the outcome. Are your rooms too plain and boring? Consider infusing some colour into your rooms with a fresh coat of paint for your old furniture. This simple home makeover idea works like a charm and doesn’t even require professional help. All you need is to decide the colours you want, get the right tools, and set on your mission. A cheery blue cupboard to match your curtains can make a world of a difference to your otherwise ordinary room.

Showcase Your Collection

Are you an art collector? If you are, this simple home makeover idea will appeal to you. Consider buying a sleek and smart glass cupboard that can house all your art collections. From showing off your ceramic showpieces to various antiques, you can go as creative as you want to be. Or, you can even use it to exhibit cookie jars stocked with colourful objects. Now, isn’t that a helpful and simple home makeover idea?

Rearrange the Furniture

This is one of the most popular yet simple home makeover ideas of many homeowners. If you are too bored of having to look at the same furniture and the same set-up, tweak things a bit. You'd be amazed at the results and what this simple home makeover idea can achieve. Unleash the creative genius in you and rearrange the furniture in a way that makes the room less crowded and gives it more space to breathe. 


We hope you have enjoyed reading about these simple home makeover ideas and take inspiration to transform your living space. From introducing greens to your home interior to painting the furniture, there are plenty of DIY simple home makeover ideas that can make your space look brand new. Or, you can revamp your flooring to enhance the visual interest of your floors. 

Welspun Flooring has a wide range of flooring options to cater to different lifestyle requirements and budgets. Its Click-N-Lock Tiles range comes in varied shades, textures and colors. They fit the bill if you are looking for performance without compromising on the quality, looks and feel of your flooring. Plus, they are easy to maintain and hassle-free to install making them the right choice for simple home makeover ideas. 

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