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Room Interior Ideas for Your Next Room Makeover

Room Interior Ideas for Your Next Room Makeover

Published on 22 April 2022, 12:45:57 PM

Moving into a newly built home or renovating an old one, what excites you the most is the idea of decorating your room on your terms and choices. Be it the colour of walls, the pattern of flooring, or small décor pieces, each and everything in your room interior should reflect your persona. Therefore, being choosy about things isn’t always a bad idea.

Here in this blog, we have collated a few tips and interior decoration ideas which can help you in deciding upon the factors which should be taken into consideration for a new room makeover. Be it a master bedroom interior design or a small low-cost interior design, the below ideas will fit in both these categories and will give you a combination of the stylish room interior.

  1. Select The Tone of Your Room: The very first thing which needs your attention and focus is the tone that needs to be set up before selecting other factors. The tone of the room is something that reflects a person’s mood and personality. From neutral tones to warm, each has its benefit and reflection that plays a major role in reviving your entire room. Where neutral tones help in making the room bigger and spacious, dark tones add up warmth to your room.
  2. Statement Walls and Ceilings Pattern: Texture and pattern-rich walls or ceilings that can elevate your style statement and will also uplift your room interior design. You can go with the abstract or geometrical designs for the wall behind your bed and LED, or else can go with the patterned rich ceiling where wooden ceilings are quite popular these days.
  3. Fitted/Accurately Measured Furniture: Adding up furniture to any area of your home is a crucial task, therefore if performed vaguely without any measurements can lead to a big disappointment. Therefore, carefully analyze and measure the space of your room and then select the furniture according to the tone and setup of your room. Following the sigma rule of less is good, keep it minimal when deciding on the furniture part for your room interior. One could opt for a good queen/king-sized bed (as per the space), a vanity area, and a small sitting area as a basic interior model one could go with.
  4. Add Picture Memories/Paintings: To keep the bedroom a lively space, one could go with the option of adding photo frames or paintings on one of the walls. Add pictures of your family, friends, or even of some inspirational or cool quotes that will keep you happy and motivated whenever your eyes catch the sight of that one corner.
  5. Choose Contemporary Lighting: To make your room appear bigger and spacious, add some modern and bright lights to the place which will also add up to the sight giving it a trendy look to your room. Having oh-so-good elements with not-so-good lighting can dull the sparkle of your décor, however, choosing some good lighting options is a must.
  6. Rugs/Carpets/Flooring: Flooring is the base of any interior or room makeover idea. Choose the type of flooring wisely as per the tone and other features of your room. Or else go with adding up some classy carpets or jute rugs which will uplift your room’s style game.

If you still are not so sure about the correct type of flooring to go with, here comes the experts of Welspun Flooring who will guide you with some of the best available flooring options to choose from, too without compromising on your style, preferences, and most importantly your budget.

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